Importance of CloudFlare on Websites and Blogs

On this article, you will learn the importance of Cloudflare on every website, or that makes use of it.

To explain Cloudflare, for best understanding, let’s understand how the Internet works first.

How the internet works

For instance, let’s say there is a website hosted on a server which IP address (Internet Protocol) is “”.

When you type on your web browser, your browser will send a request to DNS and get the result from “”, this is how you are able to access the website.

How Cloudflare works

When a CloudFlare is set up, you will add the Cloudflare Nameservers to your domain; this means that your domain will be pointed to Cloudflare server.

Cloudflare starts filtering all Bad bots and hack attempt and all request coming to your site. There are other things involved in between, but all the traffic which comes to your website must go through Cloudflare.

Cloudflare firewalls will block any spam or illegal access, thereby protecting your site at all time.

After integrating your website with Cloudflare, there is nothing that changes in terms of technology, only that traffic coming to your site will be filtered by Cloudflare.

It is recommended that every website, especially those with huge traffic, should start using Cloudflare.

Cloudflare has both free and paid package. You can start with the free package and migrate to the premium if the need arises.

Now you may be asking, why Cloudflare?

Are there any further benefits or advantage of integrating your website/blog with cloud?

We shall be looking at the importance of Cloudflare on the next paragraph.

Importance of Cloudflare

Some bloggers and webmasters still ask, “Why should I use Cloudflare.

It is not compulsory but is it very important to use Cloudflare, and the reasons are stated below.

1. It tries to protect websites against Brute-force and hacking attempt

Cloudflare helps to filters out spam attacks on Name-server – so such requests do not even hit your server.

It also protects your website against SQL injection, DDOS attack, comment spam, and it as well provides a secure environment for your website.

2. It eliminates DNS propagation if migrating site to another host

When using Cloudflare on your site, you do not have to wait for DNS propagation, simply change the IP address of the server from your Cloudflare account dashboard. After this, your domain name will start immediately to point new host.

3. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) & SEO

One of the main importance of Cloudflare is that it provides free CDN. It is very easy to integrate, and it does not change your image URL.

Cloudflare caches all your static files this includes; CSS, JavaScript & Images, and they serve it from the nearest server location.

Using the Cloudflare CDN will increase your website performance up to 40%. And also your website will start loading two times faster, which is good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. It Saves your Server Bandwidth

Lots of web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth, but there are still some that miters their bandwidth. Cloudflare filters out most spambots traffic, therefore, saving you lots of bandwidth.

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