How To Choose And Register Domain Name For Your Online Business

Register Domain Name

This article explains comprehensively how to choose and register a perfect domain name for your online presence.

Buying a domain name is not a difficult task, but what seems complicated is choosing the right domain name and registering with the right domain provider.

If you end up picking the wrong domain name or buying your domain from the wrong domain registrar, it may negatively affect your online business.

For this reason, we are here for you – to enable you to make the right decision.

On this article, I will talk about steps you should follow when choosing and registering your domain.

Steps to Choose and Register a Domain Name

1. Think of a domain name you need

Everyone’s need for a particular domain name may differ, this is due to choice, name or type or of business you want to use the domain name for.
Most people want their domain name to bear the same name as their business.

For bloggers, most will want their domain name to explain what their blog niche is all about. The domain name does not matter that much as long as it can easily be remembered. Therefore choose wisely.

Look around the internet you will find lots of successful online business with domain name people will not like to own ab-initio. The truth remains that even if your domain does not really sound good in the ear, your business will make it popular as long as you are doing the right thing.

2. Search for the availability of that domain name you need

Use the box below to check for available domain names, to see if your supposed domain name is available, don’t expect it to be available, there are over 300 million domain names in the world, the chance of your domain being available will be slim.

If it’s available to jump to step 5, else, move to the next step.

3. Change your domain name extension

Has your supposed domain name been taken?

Don’t worry! You still have options – if you must stick on that domain name.

Most people will prefer “.com” domain extension, but once your domain name choice and extension had already been taken you may consider to choose another extension – to see if it’s available.

You have option of .net, .org, .info, .biz, (only for Nigerians), (for Ghanaians) and so many more options.

If your domain is available to jump to step 5, else move to the next step.

4. Tweak your domain name

If step 3 failed, you would have to consider changing your domain name to something else which will suit your need.

The option you have at this point is to tweak to an available domain name. You may use the box below to check domain availability while tweaking and choose one.

5. Choose a good domain provider

I have done this step for you. I recommend you use; this is because WordPress recommends them. Also, they are highly affordable with an excellent customer’s support to assist all their customers once an issue arises.

For Nigerians who wish to buy their domain name in local currency and those who choose domain extension like “.ng” or “
I recommend you use either or I have tried them – their domains are affordable, and they have good customer’s support too.

I hope the article was sufficient enough to guide you in choosing that domain name that will satisfy your online need.


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