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How to Watch Live Football Match on Mobile Phone

This post will show you how to watch a live football match on your Android device.

Gone are those days when one must be at home, or at the viewing center to watch football. Since the introduction of the smartphone, life has been easier.

You don’t have to be keeping to time just because you need to see a particular game.

There are times when our football club match time will clash with our business time, in such a situation we may end up not watching the match.

My question is “Why won’t you watch the football match if you are a die-hard fan of your club”?

In today’s world, we can carry the football in our pocket. What I mean is that with your Android phone, you can watch live football at any point in time.

To do this, all you need is to download and install the right app, which will permit you to, giving you all the functionalities required.

The major problem we may have in streaming live games online is data consumption.

To watch a complete football game, we may end up consuming between 300MB to 500MB. It may even consume more internet data if streaming on HD (High Definition).

Another limitation you may encounter is a poor or bad internet connection. If your internet connection is not strong enough, then you may end up not enjoying the match, as the video may be breaking.

Below I will list some tested and trusted Apps that you can download to watch your live football match with your Android device.

Apps to Watch Live Football Match On Android Phone

1. Sybla TV

Sybla TV is an amazing Android TV app with over 70 TV channels to choose from. These channels include; sports, news, and entertainment.

The TV  gives you an option to select the streaming quality you need.  This option will be essential if you want to reduce app data consumption.

This app is not on the Google Play Store; download is only available on the Sybla TV website (sybla.com).


ESPN is a great app to stream Football matches totally for free. ESPN is one of the world’s largest sports broadcasting networks which shows live matches on their TV channel.

If any major Football matches are ongoing, then ESPN telecasts all the games on all their channels. They provide an app to stream the live Football match for free.

So, you need to check out this app on your Android phone for high-quality content.

3. NBC Sports

NBC Sports app is a must-have Android app to stream live Football matches any day.

If you want to get the live stream of any football match in the world, then you need to install this app on your Android phone.

It is totally free to use and also spam-free. The app enables you to get live streaming updates of the football match, scores, upcoming matches, and many more things easily.

4. Next Match TV

Next Match TV is a perfect application to stream live football matches anywhere.

This app allows you to live stream football games of the major leagues and cups such as UEFA, FIFA, and many more for a free price. You do not need to pay a penny to use this app.

5. Sky Sports

The Sky Sports app is excellent for streaming Football matches around the world.

The Sky Sports app is 100% free to use while providing you the high-quality Football matches. This app is a must-try, install yours today.

6. Mobdro

Mobdro is the TV channel that allows you to stream Football matches live for free. The application gives you updates like the next match timings, the current score of the game, etc.

It is quite interesting to watch live football matches making use of this app which provides details like the highest scorer of the match, the top scorer of the event, and many more features like that.


Watching live football matches on your mobile phone has never been more accessible.

With the right app, a stable internet connection, and a subscription, you can enjoy the excitement of the game wherever you are. So, don’t miss out on the action – start streaming today!

With the convenience of mobile streaming, you can immerse yourself in the world of football no matter where you are.

Enjoy the matches, engage with fellow fans, and never miss a moment of the action.

So, grab your smartphone, choose your favorite app, and start watching live football matches today!


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