Fix GOtv: Your Decoder Is Running Old Software And Needs To Be Updated Now

your decoder is running old software and needs to be updated now

This article explains how to fix your decoder is running old software and needs to be updated now in GOtv.

If you reading this post then am sure you must have noticed an error on your gotv that says, “Your Decoder is Running Old Software And Needs To Be Updated Now. The upgrade will start in 0 seconds and will take less than 10 minutes. Please do NOT interrupt the upgrade. Wait for video and audio to start again.

This error is becoming so common in recent times among GOtv users. It’s not supposed to be an error, but an upgrade notice.

The gotv decoder upgrade is supposed to start automatically in 5 seconds after the error appears, that’s why you will see a count-down timer. But after the 5 seconds count down, the decoder upgrade will refuse to initiate update automatically.

Whenever this occurs, the upgrade will refuse to disappear. Not just that, everything on the remote and will stop functioning. Even the buttons decoder also seizes to work too.

The few time I experienced this, it put me into confusion, as I was unable to watch me GOTV cable network for several hours, missing our my favorite programs.

I tried almost everything possible, but all were futile. Had to check my second GOtv decoder. To my greatest surprise, there was no update or upgrade on that one, and it was working fine.

It came to my mind that I have the MyGOtv app which can be used to clear errors. But after lunching the app on my phone, the errors that can be cleared are E16 (Service is currently scrambled) and E30 (Checking the subscription status).

The current facing error “Your Decoder Is Running Old Software And Needs To Be Updated Now” can not be cleared with the app. That’s sad to hear.

Now to the big question, how to clear the GOtv error, your decoder is running old software and needs to be updated now.

Turn off, and turn on your decoder power from the power source. Remember when this issue occurs the remote and power button on the decoder will stop working.

So to do this, you will have to turn off the power socket where your GOtv decoder is plugged in and turn it on back. Doing this will restart/reboot the decoder. The error screen may go off and all will be fine.

If this didn’t work, as it may not work in some cases, follow the next instructions below.

Next, you may have to call GOtv customer care. To get the GOtv customer care details, you can check our article on GOtv contact details and customer care number.

Calling the customer care of GOtv might take a few minutes to get the GOtv agent attend to you. Even if they do, you will be asked to restart your decoder.

Give it some time, this will definitely work, turn off and turn it on back in a couple of minutes the error screen will disappear, and all stations you subscribed for will start showing.


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