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Real Work from Home Jobs to Earn £1000 Monthly – Emma

Do you know what you might miss if you hear about work from home jobs and “pick race”?‍♂️?

According to Global Workforce Analytics,

75% of people who are into work from home jobs earn more than $65,000 per annum. Global Workforce Analytics

So, when someone says he makes a certain amount of money online, before you say “IT’S A SCAM”, try to ask.


You might face the risk of being scammed finding opportunities in get-rich-fast schemes because they involve your money.

But on the contrary, work from home jobs involve no risks of such.

Rather, it comes with a lifetime opportunity to work and make money without being SHACKLED to any job.

Before making earnings from a home-based job, you’ll be required to work and complete some tasks for some hours.

No wonder Emma wrote,
“No bees, no honey, no work, no money.” BeeMoneySavvy

I’m not saying all home-based job campaigns are real just like all invitations to an office-based job too aren’t real.

Some people might pretend to create a job campaign just to steal your personal information when you apply.

But that won’t be hard to detect if you’re cautious. Even though, not taking the opportunity won’t help you increase your income either.

In order to clear some of these issues, we decided to interview Emma, the founder of BeeMoneySavvy who is an expert in Telecommuting jobs.

She was going to tell us how she made £1000 in her first month of work-from-home jobs.

That’s a one-big opportunity for every millennial, internet savvy, or blogger…

But before we introduce her to you, let’s first look at these important issues:

  1. What kind of jobs can you do from home?
  2. How do work from home jobs work?
  3. What are the benefits of work from home jobs?
  4. How to detect fake work from home jobs?

What  kind of jobs can you do from home?


Now that businesses are using the internet to generate leads, the system has created a score of opportunities for those who have one skill or the other that can help companies realize their goals online.

Meanwhile, there are golden opportunities in the following fields:

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM)
  2. Web designing
  3. Copy writing
  4. Front-end branding
  5. Sales and marketing
  6. Social media management
  7. Data entry

How do work from home jobs work?

If you’re proficient in any of the aforementioned jobs, then you could work from home.

This doesn’t mean your aspirations for office-based jobs should be relinquished.

You can submit your CV to any company where there are vacancies and honor their invitation whenever you’re called upon for an interview.

But while you’re waiting for their feedback, you can’t just sit down and be idle.

One of the options you have is telecommuting – work from home jobs.

You’ll still be working for companies, but as a freelancer.

The difference is, instead of traveling to a brick-and-mortar office, you’ll be traveling through digital networks, hyperlinks or telecommunication systems, with no stringent employment conditions.

You don’t need an office to start work from home jobs.

But if you have a space in your room, you can put your computer desk and every other gadget that can boost your productivity there.

You can even work from your kitchen while cooking or breastfeeding your child. You can just place your laptop within your reach and do whatever you need to do.

Many people are already taking advantage of work from home jobs.

So, why don’t you try this if you need a job?

Emma, who is our guest this week, is a professional work from home jobs expert.

From the interview we conducted with her, I’m sure there is a big opportunity waiting for you in Telecommuting.

What are the benefits of work from home jobs?

Whether you like it or not, there is a shift in the labor market. In consequence, you should rather look for opportunities in the ongoing disruption.

Since the advent of artificial intelligence, technology has found a replacement for human roles at certain levels in every organization.

But yet, it didn’t render humans completely irrelevant.

As People lose their office-based jobs, there are new sets of opportunities for them in telecommuting.

Meanwhile, both employees and employers have the following benefits to gain:

  1. It’s money and time-saving.
  2. It reduces the stress and risks of traveling to and fro a workplace.
  3. It increases productivity.
  4. It creates flexible conditions of work.
  5. It protects the environment by reducing the number of commuters and office wastes.
  6. It reduces unemployment rates.

In a nutshell, work from home jobs can give you the freedom to manage your time and make money without anyone bossing around your life.

How to detect fake work from home jobs?

There are things you need to consider when applying for home-based jobs online to avoid being scammed.

According to BankRate, a smart career, and finance blog, “scammers use this medium to steal people’s personal information”.

By implication, not all job campaigns are real. Some are created to prey on innocent people and to spot them isn’t difficult.

Don’t let this discourage you from taking the chance to get a new job online as there are many real ones also.

Before sending your application to any work from home job, you first need to determine its legitimacy by considering the following factors:

  1. Hirer is a registered company.
  2. The job campaign carries the name and address of the company.
  3. Applicants are not asked to send applications to an email address different from that of the company.
  4. Human resources representatives are available to attend to applicants queries.
  5. There is mention of job description, policy and benefits as mentioned in real office-based work.
  6. There is a proper application, interview, and employment process. Everything shouldn’t be entirely email-based.
  7. Work samples and references to be required.

With all these, you could determine if a job is real or fake.

Real and best work from home jobs

Work from Home Jobs

Emma claimed to have tested and confirmed the following 6 real work from home jobs.

To demonstrate that I really do know what I’m talking about when it comes to money, I want to showcase how I managed to increase my income by £1000 from home within one month. Emma

Let’s see what the jobs are?

  1. Gene8 Ads
  2. Search engines and social media evaluation
  3. Top CashBack
  4. YouGov
  5. SwagBucks
  6. Prolific

If you want to learn more about the jobs, Emma has the details in her post ? How I Earned £1000 in 1 Month.

Who is Emma?

Emma, the one-woman team that created BeeMoneySavvy.

I first created Bee Money Savvy in 2017 with the intention of passing on my financial wisdom to my fellow millennials, aspiring home buyers, and anyone looking to join me on my journey to financial freedom.

Using the tricks mentioned on my website, you’ll be able to increase your income, get tons of freebies, save £1000’s, and move one step closer to your financial goals!

Q. 1. Why did you choose to be a blogger?

I’d always loved blogging and had a lot of knowledge to share about making and saving money so decided to create a blog on the subject.

When I completed my Masters in 2016, I was offered a job that I was really passionate about on a part-time basis.

I was torn because I was really looking for full-time work but really loved the job.

I decided to accept the role and fill the time I wasn’t at work with other casual roles and mini projects.

BeeMoneySavvy was one of these projects.

Q. 2. Describe how you started blogging

The first blog I co-run was called ‘an experience yet to be had and was all about the goals and experiences I had as an 18 year old.

It still exists somewhere on the internet but I don’t write for it anymore as I’m too busy writing for BeeMoneySavvy.

Q. 3. Where do you see blogging in 2020 and beyond?

In 2019 I was nominated for 2 awards Know Your Money’s Top Finance Blogs of 2019, and Best Money Making Blog 2019 this was a massive achievement and I’m hoping to build on this momentum and hopefully win an award next year.

Q. 4. Can you tell us something about your niche?

My niche is money.

Money isn’t everything but it sure does help if you know that you can afford to pay your bills and eat this week.

My blog isn’t about getting rich, it’s more so about being able to like comfortably and earn some extra money to make your week flow a little easier.

Q. 5. How do you get content to fill your blog?

I’ve never really had a problem with coming up with content ideas for Bee Money Savvy.

I’m always looking for ways to increase my own income, reduce my bills, and progress in my career.

So, I write about my findings; whether that’s how I earned an extra amount one month or a new money making app I’ve found.

Q. 6. What strategies do you use to increase your web traffic?

I don’t focus on traffic too much and instead, choose to focus on increasing the quality of my content.

I’ve found that the best way to increase traffic is by making sure that the traffic you have stays engaged.

I have made an effort to improve my SEO this year which has seen my blog begin to gain some organic traffic through search engines.

I do regularly post on social media but my main focus is to continue to improve my content.

Q. 7. How do you manage your time, health, and family affairs to run your blog efficiently?

My family and my health come first.

My blog won’t seize to exist if I don’t engage with it every day.

I’ve never struggled to come up with content and I believe this is because I don’t force myself to blog all the time.

I take time out and give myself blogging breaks.

I’m not a full-time blogger.

For me, this is a side project. So, it’s important that I schedule productive blogging days and days away from my blog.

Q. 8. What do you think is the best strategy to get more quality backlinks?

Engage with other bloggers in your niche.

As a money blogger, I’m part of a money blogging community, this is where I find a lot of my PR, sponsored posts, and collaboration opportunities.

Q. 9. How do you want to improve your blog this year?

I’ve made a real effort to improve my search engine optimization (SEO) over the past year.

So, this is an area I hope to continue to develop so that I can continue engaging an organic flow of traffic.

Q. 10. What monetization strategy is the best to make money blogging?

I’ve found that sponsored posts generate the most income for my blog but I know a lot of bloggers who have had success with ads and social media promotions.

Q. 11. What is your proudest achievement as a blogger or entrepreneur?

This year my blog income is somewhere in the region of £10,000!

This has helped me to put a deposit down on my first home and continue to invest time in my blog.

Q. 12. What challenges have you ever experienced in your industry?

I get a lot of emails from companies and brands looking for me to work for free.

I don’t blame these brands for trying to gain a bit of free advertising but I write a blog about making money and I invest a lot of time (and money) into maintaining and promoting my blog.

A non-commission work isn’t going to pay my bills unfortunately.

Q. 13. Who do you look up to in your industry and how have they helped you so far?

There are some very successful money bloggers that are really leading the industry such as Andy Webb and Emma Drew.

I take inspiration from them on how to run a professional, informed and ethical blog.

Q. 14. What is your greatest achievement outside blogging?

Both within blogging and outside of blogging, I love to learn and develop.

So, I consider gaining my Masters my proudest achievement.

I moved to a new university to study a completely new subject so it was a tough year. But I managed to push through and get the grades I needed to graduate.

Q. 15. Does blogging worth to be a career?

I’ve witnessed countless bloggers turn their blog into a business and I admire them a lot for it.

It is possible if you keep growing your blog and finding new ways to profit from your skills.

Blogging has always been and will likely always be a side project for me.

But nevertheless, it is one that I hope to carry on pursuing.

Q. 16. What advice would you like to give job seekers roaming the street looking for jobs?

You just need to get a foot in the door.

Don’t set your initial aims too high and be willing to work your way up.

Sometimes you will have to take a more junior job but use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.


If getting an office-based job is taking forever, it’s a smart move to find opportunities in Telecommuting jobs.

In this post, we have discussed how to start work from home jobs that can fetch you up to £1000 per month.

The more companies are integrating technologies into their system, the more difficult it becomes to get a full-time job.

The reason is that technology allows companies to get their jobs done via the internet. As a result of this, they offer jobs to freelancers who can work for them from home.

Technologies may contribute to the loss of jobs, but don’t render human resources completely useless.

As companies now hire freelancers to help them achieve their objectives, the number of people working from home has also increased.

In this post, STARcityNG had an interesting interview with Emma, the founder of BeeMoneySavvy, who shared 6 real work from home jobs that guarantee you of earning more than £1000 per month.

You could follow the trends and exploit the opportunity.


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