Why Every Blogger Should Comment On Other Blogs

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We discovered that most bloggers find it very difficult to comment on their competitors’ blog posts.

In this article, we decided to expose the benefits you get while commenting on other blogs – especially those of related niche.

Bloggers’ comments are vital, although most bloggers secretly follow-up on other blog posts, especially that of their potential competitors. But while doing this, they don’t like to drop a comment.

I guess they do this just because they are not aware of its importance of commenting. Commenting on your competitors’ blog or any other blog is a good thing. Via commenting, you can grow your blog if you are doing it the right way. We will explain all this as you read on.

Importance of bloggers comments on other blogs

1. Building of Backlinks

Those bloggers who are aware of this – keeps dropping comments consistently on other blogs. For every word you drop, you must make sure you include at least a link back to your blog.

For those who complain that their site is not getting good traffic from search engines – poor backlink is one of the reasons for this.

On default, most blogging platforms provide a box where anyone commenting can drop a website.

Dropping your comments with inline links also builds your blog backlinks. It does not matter if blog comments links are “no-follow” or “do follow” links  – they all still create at least an impact in the long run.

Difference between no-follow and do-follow links

2. Building Your Blog Traffic

Ever comment dropped with a valid backlink to your blog can help you to build your blog traffic.

To build your blog traffic, make sure you post only valuable comments, which has a perfect anchor text to the post on the links.

By so doing, it will encourage readers to click on the links, which will redirect them to your blog. At the same time, the links will also serve as backlinks, which are edible for search engines.

The rule here is that whatever post or article you are linking to must be related or give more knowledge to the post where the comment is dropped. This is the only way people on that post will want to comment. If you don’t follow this rule, then you are only building backlinks.

3. For Better Search Engine Optimization

Commenting can also serve as a means of search engine optimization (SEO) for bloggers. It can only be achieved when dropping quality comments with anchor text. By so doing, you will be performing a fantastic offsite SEO, therefore building high-quality backlinks for your blog.

4. Building Online Relationships

If you are regularly commenting, you will be noticed by the blog administrator, especially when you always drop exciting comments.

By so doing, you might be in excellent communication with the blog admin.

At the same, he or she will also like to visit your blog and drop a comment in return. Not to mention other advantages that good relations can trigger.


Sometimes this doesn’t work exactly the way it seems in all cases, but to achieve all advantages, you will have to comment mostly on blogs with high domain authority, which is highly ranked in several search engine result pages.

Note: Commenting will always be a “WIN-WIN” game for you. Apart from the few minutes you spend – your blog will never have anything to lose.

Start commenting now!


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