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How to Buy Domain Name in Naira From Nigeria

If you don’t know how to buy a domain in the local naira currency then this article is for you. Ensure you read to the end.

Every website must have a domain name. A domain name for a website is just like an address through which its visitors find it on the web.

For any domain name to be accessible on the world wide web, it has to be pointed to a server.

It is on the servers that the website file will be poured. And through the domain, web visitors access your website or blog over the internet.

A domain name can be purchased from any local domain name registrar in Nigeria. Or you can also buy from any international domain name registrar in any part of the world.

What this means is that a domain name can not stand on its own without being hosted on a server. It is via the server that several operations can be done on the domain name.

For instance, for you to redirect a domain name or create a subdomain for a domain, it must be done on a server.

When buying a domain for your blog or website, you have numerous options to choose from. But in this post, we will only focus on domain name providers in Nigeria.

Should I Register a Domain Name in Nigeria?

Registering a domain name here in Nigeria comes with lots of benefits.

You may decide to register a domain name with an international domain name registrar like Namecheap, Bluehost or a local domain name registrar like WhoGoHost.

In both cases, you may be allowed to pay with your Naira denominated debit card. But if you register the domain name with one of the domain name registrars in Nigeria, you may have the privilege to pay via bank deposit.

In cash-driven economies, just like Nigeria. Having the ability to pay in Naira simply means that you can pay for your domain name by making a cash deposit in banks. By so doing, you will be eliminating the need for debit or credit cards or other electronic payment solutions.

Having the ability to pay in cash is the major selling point for most Nigerian Domain name registrars, although a cash deposit is not available with every domain name registrar in Nigeria.

The second benefit you get when you choose to register a domain name with a domain name registrar in Nigeria – is that.

It allows you to buy the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of your country. Example of this kind of domain name extension includes; www.yoursite.com.ng, www.yoursite.org.ng, or www.yoursite.ng.

Domain name registrars in Nigeria offer .ng domain names extension. However, it is not all domain name registrars in Nigeria that provide .ng domains.

There is no doubt to say that Nigerian domain name registrars are best if you want to register a .ng domain name extension.

List of Domain Registrars Nigeria

Company Website Location
WhoGoHost whogohost.com Lagos
Registeram registeram.com.ng
QServers qservers.net Lagos
Utiware utiware.net Lagos
Web4Africa web4Africa.ng South Africa
SmartWeb smartweb.com.ng Jos
HostNowNow hostnownow.com Lagos
GlobalHosting247 globalhosting247.com Abuja
Byteshosting byteshosting.net
Hihostnow hihostnow.com.ng
Vbhostnet vbhostnet.com
Hostsleek hostsleek.com
Syskay syskat.com Ibadan
Domainking domainking.ng

All the domain registrars listed in the table above are all within Nigeria. They don’t only sell domain names, you can buy servers from them too in naira.


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