List Of Untapped Blog Niches In Nigeria To Make Money


If you are looking for untapped blog niches, relax here because this article provided the full list of all untapped blog niches in Nigeria.

Unlike news and lifestyle blogs, which you need not be a professional to write amazing posts on them, the unharnessed niches I shall list requires only the service of a professional or someone who has a good experience of any of the niche slot.

Although the niches may contain keywords that are hardly searched, at the same time if you are right in it, you will have little or no competitors.

Untapped Blog Niches In Nigeria

1. Engineering Blog

Am yet to see an engineering blog in Nigeria, just very few of them exist in the world.

Lots of engineers search online for information daily. Being good at this will create a high impact.

An excellent engineering blog navigation should include posts on Engineering Drawings, Calculations, Software, Designs, How-To, and so on.

2. Relationship Blog

There are lots of things to talk about on a relationship blog.

You may consider bringing in relationship issues for your audience to discuss.

This kind of blog can only be lively when you have a good number of audiences who are active. Just be useful your audience will flow along.

3. Agricultural Blog

Knowing fully well the speed at which Nigeria is trying to diversify its economy, agriculture will be the primary option in the blogging niche.

An excellent agricultural blog will have lots of potential in no time.

A blog of this nature can get robust, as there are a lot of things to write on, such as Crop production, Animal husbandry, Fishery, Forestry, Poultry, and so on.

4. Religion Blog

A religious blog will be a controversial blog that only a few may want to dive into it.

To invest in a religious blog, you must be well grounded in any religion you decided to write on, as well learn not to criticize other religions.

And finally, be ready to defend whatever post you write.

5. Graphics Blog

Graphics design is going viral in Nigeria. Starting up a blog on graphics will not be a bad idea.

People’s interest in graphics keeps growing daily.

If you are very good at graphics and wish to start up a blog, you may consider a blog on graphics design.

It will be a place where you will write graphics-related posts and list software as well as graphics tutorials. If well planned, much can be made from this kind of blog as it can even attract contracts to you.

6. Interior Designs & Decoration Blog

This kind of blog is one of a variety.

Thousands of Nigerians search for interior design-related keywords daily, especially those moving into a new house. Still, most are yet to find a home blog for interior designs.

If you have what it takes to start this kind of blog, do not hesitate; it will grow beyond your imagination.

7. Academics Blog

The academic blog maybe not be new to our ears. It is from academic blogging you can develop a vast database of information related to a particular academic field just like Investopedia and Webopedia.

Academic blogs are fascinating when you very passionate about them.

8. Tourist Blog

Blogs of this nature can be a hobby. On this blog, you will develop posts on amazing places where you feel people will like to go, especially during their vacation, not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

Getting full information, images, and video on places might be a significant constraint here due to copyright infringement.

But if you can find your way around it, then it’s a thumbs-up to you.

9. Research Blog

The research blog is a bit similar to an academic blog, but a Research Blog has its distinguishing features.

An excellent research blog should be able to provide a solution to solving research problems, as well as available software and techniques to apply in every situation

It may also have a bank of several research projects which may go for a token.

10. Animals and Pets Blog

Animal and pet blog should be like a hobby blog, though getting the right audience may be an issue

The reason for this is that most Nigerians have less interest in pets and animals when compared with the Americans. But you can improvise and make it exceptional.

Know those few places where pets are sold in Nigeria, reach a contract with them and advertise their available pet for a commission on the sale or according to the terms of the agreement.

You can also advertise pets for individuals even for sales commission. If you invest in this, you will have me to thank me in a couple of years.

11. ‘How-To’ Video Blog

Some particular blogging niche requires video clips and not just mere oral content.

“How-To” blog is mainly a tutorial-based blog but most people involved in it make use of just images.

Making outstanding videos will generate more audience and make your blog unique. Make use of YouTube videos and integrate them into your blog.



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