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3 Most Common Issues with Water Pressure Regulators

Fluctuating water pressure is not suitable for the plumbing system and water appliances. Pressure going up from the allowable limit of the pipes can cause cracks and leaks. If not caught timely it can eventually lead to a pipe burst.

Leakage of water can do a lot of damage to your home’s infrastructure. In preventing the damage an electronic water pressure regulator plays a key role.

It’s a device that is solely designed to reduce the incoming pressure and do the necessary changes in the passage of the water to retain that pressure in a system.

But these devices also face some issues that force them to malfunction.  

Here we have listed a few common issues of water pressure regulators:

Damaged Internal Components:

This is one of the rare issues. Several components inside an electric pressure regulator contribute to providing effective control over the pressure of the water. Basically, a pressure regulator contains a diaphragm that is linked to a spring.

Diaphram is the component that is responsive to the pressure and when the pressure of the water is high it closes tightly. When the pressure is low then it enables the spring mechanism to open. 

An electronic water pressure regulator has to bear a lot of strain that’s why durable parts are used in each regulator. But over time the internal companies start to weaken and fail to provide the expected results.

When the internal components are damaged then the pressure regulators stop responding to the pressure changes.

So whenever you start seeing a pressure change then it means that the electronic pressure regulator is broken. 


If you are dealing with a low water pressure then it means that there are blockages inside the pipelines or the regulator.

Over time, it happens because of the build-up of minerals. They create a blockage in the passage of the water and result in less pressure.

This issue can be solved by uninstalling and cleaning the regulator. After all of that reinstall the electronic pressure control but if you still do not have the expected results then change the regulator. 

Wrong Pressure Settings:

This is one of the most common issues of the electronic water pressure regulator. People try to install the pressure regulator on their own without having any knowledge about the installation process of the digital pressure regulator and do the wrong pressure setting.

This does not let them have the desired performance for their system mad they think that the regulator is not working properly.

But the main issue is the setting, they don’t know the pressure requirement of their fluid system or applications and run the regulator on a wrong pressure value which results in bad performance.

That’s why it’s crucial to install an electronic regulator with the help of a professional plumber or a person who has previous working experience with regulators. 

Final Words:

An electronic water pressure regulator is an integral part of domestic and industrial applications but it can also malfunction because of the above-discussed issue. So you must take care of these issues. 

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