How to Activate MTN Unlimited Night Browsing Plan – 2024


This post explains how to activate MTN Night Browsing 25 Naira for 125MB or 50 Niara for 250MB

MTN night plan is a package that allows you to surf the internet during the early hours of the morning; from 12 am to 5 am – at a very cheap rate.

The package comes in two options:

  • 250 MB for ₦25
  • 500 MB for ₦50

The maximum browsing data of an MTN customer is 500 megabytes. If you purchase 250 megabytes for 25 naira you will be allowed to make a second purchase.

But if you choose 500 MB for ₦50, you won’t be allowed to make another purchase, because you have reached the maximum data allowance.

Once is 5am, all remaining data will be wiped out.

Both options work perfectly on mobile phones, laptops, modems, and all other gadgets which can be connected to the internet.

What are you waiting for?

Activate the MTN night package today and join millions of other Nigerians to surf the internet at a low cost. You can be assured that it has been tested, confirmed, and working perfectly on all devices.

The subscription code is mentioned below, is for those who don’t know how to activate the MTN night plan.

How to activate MTN Night Browsing

To be eligible for the MTN night browsing plan, you must be on the MTN Pulse Prepaid plan; else you will not be able to activate the MTN night subscription.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse Prepaid Plan

There are two methods to migrate to MTN pulse, and they are stated below;

  • Dial *406# 
  • Text  406 to 131

How to Activate or Subscribe for MTN Night Plan

  • Text NT1 to 131 @ ₦25 for 250MB
  • Text NT2 to 131 @ ₦50 for 500MB

You will receive an activation message within a few seconds. Open your browser and enjoy surfing the internet from 12 am to 5 am.

Please note that you must have a minimum of 25 naira account balance to be able to subscribe to this package.

Thanks to MTN for allowing their customers to browse more at a low cost.



The MTN night plan package has been existing for a long while now. At first, it was far cheaper only ₦25 for 500MB  before MTN reduced it on August 16, 2018.

This data package has been an internet saviour for most people before now. But comparing the rate now it is still great but not surprising.

For those who do lots of downloads the MTN night browsing is still fair, you get as much as 10GB for ₦1000 as against 20GB for ₦1000 when accumulated.

It is fair but may not be worth keeping you awake all night.

The only hindrance to the MTN night plan is that of the time not being favourable for most people – especially those who won’t like anything to disturb their precious sleep.

Enjoy while it last!!!


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