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Full Information About MTN Mobile Electricity – Lumos Mobile Electricity

This post contains all the information about MTN Mobile Electricity which is powered by Lumos Solar Electricity

Now you can enjoy cheap and affordable electricity without any noise or smoke for your everyday use.

Sounds good right?

How about if I tell you that you pay with your airtime from your MTN line!

What is MTN Mobile Electricity?

MTN Mobile Electricity is powered by Lumos Solar Electricity, which is an innovative solution that provides access to clean and reliable electricity for households and businesses in areas with limited or no access to the traditional power grid.

MTN Mobile Electricity is a partnership between MTN Nigeria and Lumos who are one of the makers of Solar Home Systems.

The essence of this partnership is to provide safe, affordable, and reliable power to millions of Nigeria, especially those in remote areas.

This partnership has brought about 24 hrs of solar source power that is very safe, affordable, and reliable.

It is capable of supplying power that can light your room, charge your phones, laptops, and other electrical appliances, such as; fans, televisions, sound systems and computers all day.

Lumos Solar Electricity is a leading provider of off-grid solar solutions, and MTN, a prominent telecommunications company, has leveraged its extensive network infrastructure to deliver this unique electricity service to its customers.

The collaboration between these two industry leaders has resulted in a reliable and convenient solution that harnesses the power of solar energy to meet the growing demand for electricity.

Benefits of MTN Mobile Electricity

1. Clean and Sustainable Energy

The system utilizes solar panels to generate electricity, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing the environmental impact.

This clean and renewable energy source helps mitigate climate change and promotes a greener future.

2. Reliable Power Supply

The solar electricity system ensures a reliable and consistent power supply, enabling households and businesses to meet their energy needs without interruptions.

This is particularly beneficial in areas where the traditional power grid is unreliable or non-existent.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

MTN Mobile Electricity offers an affordable and convenient payment model.

Customers can purchase prepaid electricity using MTN airtime or make payments through mobile money services.

This flexibility allows users to manage their energy consumption and budget effectively.

4. Mobile Device Charging

The system includes USB ports, enabling users to charge their mobile phones and other small electronic devices conveniently.

This feature is especially valuable in areas where access to electricity for charging devices is limited.

5. Easy Installation and Maintenance

The solar electricity system is designed for easy installation, requiring minimal technical expertise.

Additionally, Lumos provides maintenance and customer support services to ensure smooth operation and address any technical issues that may arise.

MTN Mobile Electricity, powered by Lumos Solar Electricity, has brought about a transformative change in the lives of many individuals and communities.

By providing clean, reliable, and affordable electricity, this partnership has empowered people to improve their quality of life, enhance productivity, and embrace new opportunities that come with access to modern energy services.

As the demand for electricity continues to rise, initiatives like MTN Mobile Electricity contribute to bridging the energy gap and promoting sustainable development, ultimately driving progress and empowerment for all.

Components of MTN Mobile Electricity

  • Solar Panel unit of 80W with Cables.
  • 300Wh Solar Home System In-door Unit by Lumos.
  • A USB Mobile Phone Charger.
  • Two LED Energy Bulbs
  • A DC to AC converter
  • An installation Kit

You will mount the solar panel on the roof or a pole outside to source solar power from the sun. The solar power will charge the in-built battery.

It can take about 6 hours of sunlight before the battery gets fully. After charging – the in-door unit can provide several hours of electricity. The time the power will last will depend on the amount of load.

The MTN Mobile Electricity is Pay as you Go package while the Lumos Solar system will be locked until you make payment to access the stored electricity in the in-built battery.

The indoor unit which has the battery is connected to the MTN network, which gives you access to the stored energy only when you have made the necessary payment.

Price of MTN Mobile Electricity

The pricing of MTN Mobile Electricity, powered by Lumos Solar Electricity, may vary depending on the region and specific packages available.

It is recommended to visit the official MTN website or contact MTN customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding pricing in your area.

The pricing structure typically includes the cost of the solar electricity kit, installation fees, and ongoing payment options for electricity usage.

MTN Mobile Electricity often offers affordable payment models, allowing customers to purchase prepaid electricity using MTN airtime or make payments through mobile money services.

This flexibility enables users to manage their energy consumption and budget effectively, paying for the electricity they consume.

To get detailed information on the pricing and available packages, it is best to visit the MTN website or reach out to MTN customer support, as they can provide specific details based on your location and requirements.

MTN Mobile Electricity

Note that one part of the terms and conditions of MTN Mobile Electricity is that you will have to use the system for at least 20 days a month. Else you will lose its ownership.

After 1800 days of payment, the system will unlock permanently, therefore allowing you to enjoy energy without having to pay anything else. The reason for this is because the system is given to you as a lease, and after 1800 days of payment, you would have fully paid for it.

The MTN Mobile Electricity gives you five years warranty, during which all maintenance and cost of maintenance will be taken care of by MTN and Lumos.

MTN Mobile Electricity in-door unit offers 8 DC output ports with varies in power current, suitable for charging your mobile phones and tablets as well as powering DC power appliances such as LED lights and radios.

This unit comes with a DC to AC converter, which will convert DC output into AC. It enables power AC appliances such as electric fans, laptops, and television.

Note that the converter can only supply 60W max. This means if your energy needs exceed 60W, the Lumos system will not be able to satisfy your needs. Therefore, you may need a television that has an energy-saving mode.


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