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How To Protect Your Blog Images From Theft

This article explains the different ways every blogger can protect can adopt to protect the images on their blogs to prevent people from stealing them.

Every site owner, especially bloggers, considers their images to be as important as the blog itself. They all look for ways to protect their blog images from all kinds of theft from copy and paste bloggers.

Generally, online images are of great importance that no one will want their website visitors to have a hold on them.

With the level of web technology in the world today, protecting your blog images may likely not be that simple. However, you possibly can discourage individuals wanting to make use of your image – and if they do, you will have the credit.

Three Ways To Protect Your Blog Images

1. Disable Right-Click on Images

If you must disable right-click, then try to limit the aggravation and use a script that disables it only on images (some scripts will stop the IE6 picture toolbar from showing).

There will probably be occasions when individuals wish to use right-click and have their mouse over a picture. So I would suggest you try to modify the message to reflect it so only pictures will be affected.

For blogs running on WordPress – disabling right-click will not be an issue at all. WordPress has lots of plugins in this regard. You will find both free and premium plugins. Simple go-to install new plugin and search for Right Click Disable.

2. Mark Your Images

Another method to have the right to images is to mark them indirectly. One of the best ways to discourage people from stealing your images is to make a visible mark on the attention-grabbing part of all your images.

Marks such as your brand or logo, or your website URL will discourage people from trying to copy your image. Even if they finally do – then they will indirectly promote whatever mark you have on the image.

This tactic works nicely on websites that provide creative services, and it can even assist in discouraging hot-linking.

3. Make Use of Watermarks

Using a watermark on your images is also a way of protecting your images. Although very similar to option 2 (mark your images). An excellent example of a watermarked image can be seen below;


Making use of a watermark is the best option lots of bloggers will choose. Watermarking your images is not at all a difficult task. Even the easiest image editor and the creator can be used to create a watermark.

Also, if your blog runs on the WordPress framework, then you don’t need to edit the images.

You can install and activate a watermark plugin then create or design whatever you want to be the watermark. Logo, Text, Images, and URL can all be used as a watermark depending on your plugin.


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