Yuan To Naira Exchange Rate Today – January 2020

This article is updated daily to follow up the Chinese Yuan Renminbi To Nigerian Naira Exchange Rate fluctuation. The information here also contains Yuan to Naira Black Market Rate, Yuan to Naira Official Exchange Rate and Bank Rate. Also, below the page is a brief history of the Chinese Yuan Renminbi.

Yuan to Naira Black Market Rate

  • Buying @ 1 Yuan 46.00 Naira
  • Selling @ 1 Yuan  = 54.00 Naira

Naira to Yuan Black Market Rate

  • Buying @ 1 Naira 0.022 Yuan
  • Selling @ 1 Naira 0.018 Yuan

Yuan to Naira CBN Rate

  • Buying @ 1 Yuan 42.93 Naira
  • Selling @ 1 Yuan  = 43.07 Naira

Naira to Yuan CBN Rate

  • Buying @ 1 Naira 0.023 Yuan
  • Selling @ 1 Naira 0.023 Yuan

About The Chinese Yuan

The Yuan (Yuán Shǐ) is the Chinese official currency, also known as the Yuanshi, which is Chinese historical works known as the 24 Histories of China.

It was commissioned by the court of Ming dynasty, which was in accordance to political tradition. The text was composed far back in 1370 by the official Bureau of History of the Ming dynasty, under the direction of Song Lian between 1310–1381.

The compilation formalized the official history of preceding Yuan dynasty. Under the guidance of Song Lian, the dynastic history broke with the old Confucian tradition, establishing a new historical framework asserting that influence of history was equal in influence to great Confucian classics in determining the real course of human affairs.

The Hongwu Emperor first commissioned the Yuan History in the 2nd year of his reign – that was in 1369. Using materials such as the historical court records of the Yuan dynasty, which were stored in Khanbaliq and Xu Da captured it.

A full team of 16, which was led by Song Lian and chancellor Li Shanchang overseeing scholars Wang Yi (1321-1372), Zhao Xun and others, compiled the 1st draft of history within months.

Due to the insufficient court records for the last years of the Yuan, however, the compilation had to wait while more historical material was gathered.

In the year 1370, after a 2nd commission, the Yuan History was completed with new materials.

The two hundred and ten (210) chapter history took only 331 days to be compiled.

The Yuan History is different among the official histories in that no commentary or evaluation of biographical subjects was given by those who compiled it.


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