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MoneyGram Rate In Nigeria To Dollar, Euro & Pounds – November 2023

This article is updated daily to the accurate MoneyGram rates in Nigeria. The information you will find here contains MoneyGram dollar to naira, MoneyGram pounds to naira, and MoneyGram euro to naira exchange rates.

Dollar to Naira MoneyGram Rate

  • Receiving between ₦700 – ₦750  per $1

Pounds to Naira Money Gram Rate

  • Receiving between ₦900 – ₦950 per £1

Euro to Naira Moneygram Rate

  • Receiving between ₦800 – ₦850 per €1

About MoneyGram

MoneyGram is a money transfer company know as MoneyGram International Inc. The company is based in the United States of America, and they have its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

They have their operations center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and their local and regional offices around many countries of the world.

Transferring funds online with MoneyGram is not complicated. In addition to a regular transfer, it offers home delivery as well as the option to send money to a debit card or via mobile wallet.

MoneyGram businesses are in two major categories;

  • Global Funds Transfers
  • Financial Paper Products.

The Money Gram company provides its service to individuals and businesses through the network of agents and financial institutions. They are the second-largest provider of money transfers in the world.

The company currently are operating in more than 200 countries with a global network of about 347,000 office of their agents.

Money Gram Products

  1. MoneyGram Money Transfer
  2. MoneyGram Bill Payments Services
  3. Money Orders
  4. Official Checks

Money Gram Exchange Rates

Depending on where you are actually sending your transfer, how much you are sending and the amount you are paying for it, your exchange rate could be up to 5% or above the mid-market rate.

If you want to send a large amount of money, this means hundreds of dollars that go to MoneyGram’s pockets.

MoneyGram will give you full opportunity to confirm your exact exchange rate even before initiating your transfer.

Make sure you compare MoneyGram’s rates with others offered by banks and other transfer companies to enable you to see how its services stack up against the competition.

MoneyGram Major Competitors

  • Western Union
  • Ria Money Transfer
  • CurrencyFair
  • Travelex
  • TransferMate
  • Bitcoin

MoneyGram Transaction Currencies

  • AED – Emirati dirham
  • AUD – Australian dollar
  • BND – Brunei dollar
  • CAD – Canadian dollar
  • CHF – Swiss franc
  • CZK – Czech koruna
  • DKK – Danish krone
  • EUR – euro
  • FJD – Fijian dollar
  • HKD – Hong Kong dollar
  • HUF – Hungarian forint
  • IDR – Indonesian rupiah
  • ILS – Israeli shekel
  • SCR – Seychellois rupee
  • SDG – Sudanese pound
  • SEK – Swedish krona
  • SGD – Singapore dollar
  • THB – Thai baht
  • TOP – Tongan paʻanga
  • TRY – Turkish lira
  • TWD – Taiwan dollar
  • KRW – South Korean won
  • KWD – Kuwaiti dinar
  • LKR – Sri Lankan rupee
  • MAD – Moroccan dinar
  • MXN – Mexican peso
  • MYR – Malaysian ringgit
  • MYR – Norwegian krone
  • NGN – Nigerian naira
  • NZD – New Zealand dollar
  • OMR – Omani real
  • PEN – Peruvian sol
  • PGK – Papua New Guinean kina
  • PHP – Philippine peso
  • PKR – Pakistani rupee
  • PLN – Polish zloty
  • SAR – Saudi Arabian riyal
  • USD – US dollar
  • VND – Vietnamese dong
  • VUV – Vanuatu vatu
  • WST – Samoan tala
  • XOF – West African CFA franc
  • XPF – Comptoirs Français du Pacifique franc
  • ZAR – South African Rand
  • INR – Indian rupee
  • IRR – Iranian rial
  • JPY – Japanese yen



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