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How to Check Wema Bank Balance & Account Number

This article contains information on how to check the Wema Bank account balance and account number with phone.

Wema Bank has managed to put itself among the leading banks in Nigeria. Since the history of this bank, they have been known to have a sound profile.

For an institution to be called a bank, it must have what it takes in accordance with the banking law. But to enable people to entrust their money to the bank,  they have to show they are worth it.

The only way to do this is to provide those banking services that will keep their existing customers and at the same time, attract new customers.

Speaking on banking services, Wenatchee bank has done exceptionally well. Their services and products have been encouraging.

Among their services is the use of the USSD code for checking bank balance and account numbers.

The services have eased people from trying to memorize their account numbers.

All needed is to dial the code from the mobile number that is linked to their bank, to get their account balance and account number.

Code to Check Wema Bank Balance

To check your Wema bank balance is not a big deal. All you need is to dial the right code, and your bank balance will appear. The code is shown below.

  • Dial: *945*0#

Simply dial *945*0# to check your bank balance with Wema Bank. Please note that you must first register before this package is available for you, to register dial *945#.

Code to Check Your Wema Bank Number

Wema Bank did not provide a code to always check your account balance with. But notwithstanding, you can download the Wema Bank mobile app. With the app, you can quickly check your account number anytime you wish to. But it will require an internet connection.

How to Transfer with Wema Bank Mobile Money

To transfer money from Wema Bank Account to Banks in Nigeria, Dial *945* account of the number of the recipient*amount#

Wema Bank transfer codes    

How to Use Wema Bank USSD Code

Wema Bank USSD code can be used to do the following, to do this is very simple.

  • First of all, buy Airtime with Wema Bank code: *945*phone Number*amount#
  • Also send Money: *945* account number*amount#
  • Furthermore, check Wema Bank account Balance: *945*0#
  • In addition, change PIN: *945*00#
  • Also get Wema Bank Account Number: *945*000#
  • Finally, open Wema Bank Account: *945*1#



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