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Trollishly: An Essential Guide to Use TikTok Stories Feature

In recent years, TikTok has been evolving new features to enhance the user experience. Adding to the list of features, the users welcome the unveiling of Stories on the TikTok platform.

Similar to the other social media platforms, the shared content will be displayed within 24 hours of the time limit.

TikTok Stories makes a new way for users to connect with their communities. The Stories feature allows users to create engaging stories and share them with followers.

Additionally, such users buy tiktok followers to make their content reach a broader range of people in a short period.

If you have spent time on social platforms, you may not find it a new concept. But having such a feature on this platform is an advantage for all the users.

Do you want to explore more about this new feature more? This article will give you everything you need to know about TikTok Stories.

What are TikTok Stories?

To put it simply, Stories are full-screen vertical videos or images that appear separate from the regular feed posts.

It can only last for about twenty-four hours before they vanish. Also, it can be found on other social media platforms, allowing users to create short-lived content.

Likely, comments on the TikTok Stories will be listed on a separate tab that enables the influencers to witness who viewed their Stories.

Plus, you will see a blue ring on the profile picture notifying you that you have a story to view. Users can view the Stories by just simply tapping on the profile picture.

How to Create and Post Your TikTok Story?

If you don’t know how to create your Story on TikTok, want to create one. Then, follow these simple steps to make your first Story compelling.

1. Go to TikTok’s Post Tool

The first step is to open your profile and click on the turquoise plus (+) option. Or else, you can just visit your feed page and press the post button.

You can find this option in the center of the navigation tile of the landing page.

2. Create Your Content

Just like how you do for your post, create or upload a picture or video. After uploading, you can add your background text message, text, or filter effects as per your wish.

3. Decide Whether Your Content is a Story or TikTok

Once you are done recording your content, you will be given two options. It shows as ‘Post to Story and Next.

By tapping on the Story option, your content will automatically be posted to your Story.

It is also posted on the For Your feeds of your followers. Besides, to make it effective, you can consider Trollishly, which will boost your engagement rates instantly.

How to View TikTok Stories?

If you want to view the Story of other users, there are three ways to see them.

i) By Swiping Into New Stories

TikTok algorithm will show the Stories of the people you follow or account that you might be interested in on the For You page.

It will be appeared along with the standard TikTok videos. However, you can follow the account through it or Like the content just like the regular video.

ii) Through For You Page Navigation

First, you need to open your application and go to your main feed. In that, videos will appear based on your preferences.

While scrolling, notice the profile pictures on the videos. If it has a blue ring around it, tap, and it takes you to the account’s Story.

iii) Through TikTok Profiles

Another way to view TikTok Stories is by visiting the TikTok user’s profile; whom do you like? Then you need to look after that if they have posted any Stories on the account.

If so, a blue ring will be visible on the profile picture, and you can see it by tapping.

4. Cool Content Ideas for Your TikTok Stories

So far, you have learned how to create your TikTok Stories and view other Stories. To make your Stories effective, here are some interesting content ideas to engage your TikTok community.

#1 Make Use of Templates

To make your Stories more interesting, TikTok has introduced template features that will get along with this feature.

For example, you can make it captivating by using a bunch of images in a puzzling or connective format to make them find out what is in it.

Similarly, brands can use this feature to showcase their products, a day in their work, or even their daily process of products.

As it will be only for 24 hours, you can make the possible ways to engage your followers within the time limit.

Simultaneously, endeavoring Trollishly will steer up your visibility and strengthen your profile in a matter of seconds.

#2 Sharing Sneak Peek

You can take advantage of this feature and post images or videos that you have already posted on TikTok.

You can also promote your upcoming product through the Stories. Also, you can add text which will direct the users to view the remaining video in your profile.

Therefore, use your creativity and create fresh content for your Stories.

#3 Share BTS Contents

Behind the acne content and the stories will make the perfect combination. So you can post a fifteen-second video vlog content about your work day or your new product announcement.

On the plus side, you don’t have to do professional skills to edit your content. Instead, you can edit and post in the way you always prefer.

#4 Share Reactions to Current videos

As you know, TikTok is about sharing information on the world’s happenings and participating in bigger conversations.

With the assistance of this feature, you can contribute to these debates and post content on the topics that are in trend.

The Bottom Line

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is also emerging with new features that help brands and creators connect with their audience respectively.

So getting familiar with Stories features will be the best way to prevent your engagement.

Hope this article provides all the information about the new feature in detail.

Therefore, Feel free to play with the feature and come up with creative ideas through your content. Let it speak for you!

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