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Top 100 Cryptocurrencies In The World And Their Symbol

This article shows a list of 100 best cryptocurrencies in the world that still have investment potentials in them with their acronym symbol.

Once people hear of cryptocurrency, what comes to their mind is Bitcoin. It is because bitcoin is the most valued cryptocurrency.

Other cryptocurrencies that exist today are known as an altcoin, which means, alternatives to bitcoin. Before we take a look at some of these Bitcoin alternatives, let’s first briefly look into what is meant by cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital money that takes the form of “Coins.” Some cryptocurrencies have ventured into the physical world with credit cards and other projects, while a vast majority remain entirely intangible.

The term “crypto” or “cryptocurrency” refers to secured cryptography. It only allows for a particular digital coin to be generated, transacted securely, stored, and saved anonymously.

Crypto features all these currencies in a collective commitment to full decentralization. These currencies are developed as code by teams who can build in mechanisms for issuance and other controls.

Cryptocurrencies are designed almost to be free from government manipulation and control.

The currencies modeled after Bitcoin are called Altcoins. The term Altcoins stands for “alternative to Bitcoins”- as they are described to be any cryptocurrency that is not a Bitcoin.

These altcoins have presented themselves as modified or maybe improved versions of Bitcoin.

While some of them are much easier to mine than Bitcoin is, there are still trade-offs, which include higher risk brought on by lesser liquidity, value retention, and acceptance.

Below we will give you a list of hundred leading cryptocurrencies with a brief explanation on each of them

Though it is impossible to get a complete list that is fully comprehensive.

The reason for this is the fact that there are over 1,500 cryptocurrencies in existence. And as thoroughly, most of these coins enjoy immense popularity only within a community of backers and investors.

The cryptocurrency industry is ever-expanding – the next great digital token may be released in a few minutes, those in the crypto community know.

While Bitcoin is broadly the leading and the pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, some analysts adopt lots of approaches for evaluating other coins other than Bitcoin (BTC).

It is common, for analysts to attribute a great deal of importance while ranking each coin relative to others in terms of their market capitalization.

These are the factors we considered in getting our list of 100 cryptocurrencies. There is a reason for every coin listed here.

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies in the World

This list of hundred is on random and not in order of popularity or best trading.

1 Bitcoin BTC
2 Ethereum ETH
3 Ripple XRP
4 Bitcoin Cash BCH
5 Litecoin LTC
7 Stellar Lumens XLM
8 Cardano ADA
11 Tron TRX
12 Monero XMR
13 Tether USDT
14 Dash DASH
15 Binance Coin BNB
16 Ethereum Classic ETC
17 VeChain VEN
19 Ontology ONT
20 Qtum QTUM
21 OmiseGO OMG
22 Zcash ZEC
24 Bitcoin Gold BTG
25 Decred DCR
26 Zilliqa ZIL
27 Bytecoin BCN
28 Aeternity AE
29 Lisk LSK
30 Bytom BTM
31 Siacoin SC
32 BitShares BTS
33 Verge XVG
34 Steem STEEM
35 0x ZRX
36 Golem GNT
37 Bitcoin Diamond BCD
38 Maker MKR
39 Nano XRB
40 Dogecoin DOGE
41 Waves WAVES
42 RChain RHOC
43 Augur REP
44 DigiByte DGB
45 Nebulas NAS
46 Stratis STRAT
47 Populous PPT
48 Wanchain WAN
49 DigixDAO DGD
50 Bitcoin Private BTCP
51 HShare HSR
52 Status SNT
53 Huobi Token HT
54 KuCoin Shares KCS
55 IOStoken IOST
56 Basic Attention Token BAT
57 Loopring LRC
58 Waltonchain WTC
59 Cryptonex CNX
60 Aion AION
61 Komodo KMD
62 GXChain GXS
63 Bancor BNT
64 Centrality CENZZ
65 aelf ELF
66 Ardor ARDR
67 ReddCoin RDD
69 Ark ARK
70 MonaCoin MONA
71 MaidSafeCoin MAID
72 Dentacoin DCN
73 FunFair FUN
74 Cortex CTXC
75 Mithril MITH
76 Kin KIN
77 Kyber Network KNC
79 Enigma ENG
80 Theta Token THETA
81 Elastos ELA
82 Dropil DROP
83 Emercoin EMC
84 Gas GAS
85 Monaco MCO
86 Decentraland MANA
87 CyberMiles CMT
88 Bibox Token BIX
89 Scry.info DDD
90 Syscoin SYS
91 WaykiChain WICC
92 Fusion FSN
93 Veritaseum VERI
94 Ethos ETHOS
95 Loom Network LOOM
96 Nxt NXT
99 Nuls NULS
100 Factom FCT



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