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How to Automatically Stop Spam Emails

Here you will learn How to Stop Spam Emails Automatically.

Spam email is one perfect method used for advertising, phishing, and other malicious activities.

In most spam emails, you will always find something fishy, leading to data theft or security breaches. It may also be about promoting some products or services too.

Regardless of the content, spam emails are annoying most times, and it makes your inbox look dirty.

When your email is filled with a huge number of spam emails, it will be hard to find the real ones. And because of these reasons, we all should know how to avoid spam emails.

Having a clean mailbox is not the only reason for avoiding spam emails. It’s also about protecting and securing yourself and your device from all kinds of threats, such as phishing.

In the article, we shall look at how we can completely avoid spam emails to keep our email boxes clean and secured.

Tips to Stop Spam Emails

1. Share Your Email Address Carefully

Just as you don’t share your home address with strangers, you are not expected to share an email address with strangers. Your email address act as your web identity.

You have to be careful when it comes to sharing it. Most especially, you have to be aware of the websites and services that are not safe.

You should also know about some online traps too. You may see some offers or promotions that want you to provide your email address.

In some cases – they are digital traps. If you are not careful, you may fall victim.

With email subscription forms, spammers save your email address in their database. Their database is mostly used for spam marketing.

Make sure you have trusted the place, person, or website before supplying your email address.

2. Think Before You Hit the “Submit” Button

While signing up for any service – you must pay much attention to what is written. It includes small checkboxes and privacy or terms documents.

Sometimes there might be some clauses that allow the service provider to send you emails without your permission.

On the clause, they might also have a right to share your email address with third parties.

You should be careful about sign-ups any registration form. In some cases, there may be a checkbox to receive promotional emails.

Before you hit the “Submit” button or “Continue” button, make sure that you have read everything on the page.

If you can’t read a complete Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions, at least try to read what it says about emails.

3. Don’t Just Delete Them; Mark Spam as “Spam.”

Spam Emails

What do you do to spam email? Do you delete it? If you do, that’s not an excellent way to get rid of spam emails.

Anytime time you see a spam email, you have to report the email as spam. This definitely will help your email service provider to deal with spam emails more effectively.

When you report a spam email as a “spam,” you are giving your contribution to enable your email service provider to identify and prevent much spam easily.

4. Always Be Aware

You have to be digital conscious all the time. Imagine, a stranger gets $500,000 in his account and wants to transfer that to you, lol! For what reason?

Doesn’t that sound fishy? How about when you receive an unknown mail asking you to share PayPal your account details?

This is obviously an attempt at fraud; make sure you don’t fall victim. There are numerous templates used by spammers to gain your attention.

Always be aware and suspicious too. You must not respond to any such mail else you are very much sure of who the sender is.

5. Never Reply Spam Emails

Some users reply to spam emails. By so doing, you may have serious consequences in the end. This is because of the way spammers work and do their business.

Spammers always send out a vast number of emails to addresses they collect. Once sent, there is no way to know that there is an active person at another end.

But when a reply reaches the area, the spammer knows well that you are in for the game. Soon after, you will see even more spam emails in your email inbox.

No matter the reason, make sure that you don’t reply to spam emails. It will do more harm than good.

6. Don’t Open Spam Mail Attachments

Opening a spam email attachment is like submitting your computer data to spammers or even hackers on the other end.

The spam attachments will take no time to sabotage your computer, or it may even lock up your computer or set a kind of encryption asking you for money to get them back. It is called a “ransomware” attack.

Your PC can also get attack with a virus-like “Trojan Horse” to “Key Logger” in the act of opening spam email. To be on the safe side, ignore all spam email attachments completely.


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