How to Undo, Edit, Delete & Cancel Already Sent Email in Gmail

Cancel Already Sent Email

This article will teach you how to Undo, Delete, Edit, and cancel already sent email in Gmail.

Believe me when I say it is straightforward to undo a sent email.

Sending mails to someone is easy. But what about if the mail was sent to the wrong email address, or possibly sent with wrong or missing contents. What can be done about it?

It’s the habit of most people while sending mail sometimes they never review the person’s mail id. Sometimes, they don’t bother about content and end up sending it blindly.

Most times, after sending they realize oh my God! “What have I just done, I have sent this email to the wrong person” or with the wrong content, what should I do now?

You need not be worried; I will reveal to you how you can undo, edit, delete, or cancel email even after the message had been sent.

There are some settings that you need to follow in your Gmail account, after which then you can undo, delete, edit or cancel emails – even after you have sent them.

How to Cancel or Edit Already Sent Email In Gmail

1. log in to your Gmail account and then click the Gear icon on the right top corner.

2. Then click on Settings.

3. Next, click on the Labs tab on the Settings page

4. Scroll down and find Undo Send option.

5. Click on Enable radio button to enable the undo features

6. Scroll the page down to the bottom and click on the Save Changes button.

7. After you save the changes your Gmail account will reload automatically.

8. Again click on the Gear icon and click on the Settings option.

9. On the settings page, scroll the page down a little and click on Enable Undo Send checkbox.

10. Click on the period (by default shown 10 seconds) you may select 30 seconds.

11. Go down the page to the bottom and click on the Save Changes button.

And that is it. With this setting, you can Undo, Delete, or Edit already sent email messages within 30 seconds.

So if you send any message to the wrong email address or with the wrong content, you can undo, edit or delete the message within 30 seconds.

See the image below on how to undo it after you have sent a mail.

Whenever you compose a mail and click on the send button, immediately after sending the mail, on the top, you will see the option to Undo the sent mail.


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