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Successful Websites in Nigeria that Make Huge Money Online

This post contains a list of successful websites that make huge money online.

Speaking about websites, there are different kinds of websites ranging from, blogs, discussion forums, classified sites, online directories, online stores, and so on.

But I only want to prove a point, trying to let you know that there are various other online businesses to venture into and make even more money.

Online business is real, and lots of people are cashing out big time. The most amazing thing is that most people in online businesses are paid in united states dollars.

This means that they are not affected by the exchange rate problem being faced in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, everyone wants to be a blogger because of the likes of Linda Ikeji, and other successful website bloggers who we all know are making it very big in the blogging industry.

It’s very annoying whenever someone comes across a mushroom blog, or discovers already researched information on another blog (copy and paste blogs).

This is not how successful bloggers started. Most successful blogs and online businesses are classical. It is the best way they can get visitors.

If the blogging stuff seems hard, there are other options out there.

Successful Websites In Nigeria

1. Legit.ng

Legit.ng is the first in our list of successful websites in Nigeria. This website was previously the popular Naij.com. It is a Nigerian news, entertainment portal, and resources-based website.

It is currently ranking the 2nd most visited Nigeria-based website in Nigeria, ranked just after Bet9ja.

It was launched as naij.com in 2012, owned by Vital Laptenok, from Belarus, who lives in Minsk, Belarus.

No need to talk much about him; just know that he has a big chunk of the blogging business in Nigeria.

The site is a multi-author site with lots of Nigerians in charge of it.

The site has over 30 million unique monthly visitors.

It earns most of its income from Google AdSense and also Direct Advertisements for many big companies in Nigeria.

When they were still naij.com, it was among the first site I discovered that used “Push Notification.” I believe it is one of the reasons it got to the level it is today.

Visit Legit.ng

2. Nairaland.com

Nairaland is the biggest discussion forum not just in Nigeria but in Africa. It is also included in the top 20 successful forums websites in the world.

It is owned by Oluwaseun Osewa, a native of Ogun State, here in Nigeria.

Nairaland was developed with an open-source application called Simple Machine Forum (SMF) version 1.2, though now outdated.

The forum was hosted since 2005, now with over 2.9 million registered members, not to talk of guests, and over 5.1 million topics. What else can I say?

With a total of 42 categories, Nairaland spread its advert banners in each of the categories. The prices of its adverts on Nairaland differ from one category to another.

All I can say is that Nairaland Forum is a money-making machine for Oluwaseun Osewa.

Visit Nairaland.

3. Vanguardngr.com

This is the online version of the Vanguard newspaper. They are well ranked, always below the 10th position in Nigeria’s Alexa ranking.

They are old in the game and know their way around it all.

They are trusted by many in giving accurate information, especially news over most blogs.

They are involved in a lot of direct advertisements and also use other avenues of monetization.

Visit Vanguardngr

4. Naijaloaded.com.ng

Naijaloaded was hosted as far back as 2009, and currently, it is one of the most popular, and successful information portal websites in Nigeria.

The site is loaded with news, all kinds of music, videos, entertainment, and many more.

It is owned by Makinde Azeez, one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria.

Naijaloaded has an average of 90 million page views per month according to Alexa. With this amount of traffic, you can imagine the level of income.

Visit Naijaloaded

5. Jumia.com.ng


Founded by Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedor in 2012, though, there was information that the co-founders sold their ownership in 2014 to Nicolas Martins and Jeremy Doutte.

I don’t know much about the new owners of Jumia.com.ng.

Jumia is the most ranked e-commerce in Nigeria, according to Alexa ranking, for a long time, it has been in a position of less than 10 in Nigeria.

Jumia is currently a dependent name in many homes. They have a wide range of customers all across the country.

They generate income from the commission they make from their vendor’s goods after successful delivery.

Visit Jumia Nigeria

6. Jiji.ng

You will be deceived when using a web tool like Alexa to compare Jiji with other sites.

Alexa has always ranked Jiji above 50 in Nigeria; this is so because most Jiji user prefers to make use of the app rather than the site.

Jiji was launched in Nigeria far back in the year 2014. It is currently the most successful and popular classified site in Nigeria.

Most of its users, especially its publisher, visit it countless times on a daily bases, to check on their ads.

Jiji generates more income from their featured post as well as AdSense. It’s also obvious that they received commissions from sales of certain ads like real estate.

Visit Jiji website

7. Konga.com

Just like Jumia, konga.com was founded in the same 2012 by Sim Shagaya.

Konga is the second most ranked online store in Nigeria after Jumia. Also, like Jumia, Konga generates income from profit and commissions made on sales.

Visit Konga

This is my list of Nigeria-based successful websites that make good money from their online deals. The list of the site should give you inspiration in choosing the kind of online business to venture into.

If you want your site to be listed here with a backlink, simply comment on this post, with a write-up about your website.


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