How to Trace Email Sender Location


This short post explains how to trace to a location where any email sent to us is coming from.

Have you ever received an Email from an unknown person just about anything, and now you are curious to know who sent the mail, or maybe you want to trace the Gmail sender’s location.

One thing online communication is that it creates room for pretense. We have to be very careful about who we give our email addresses to. Most online fraudsters make use of email to steal from people.

Before you decide to act on a particular mail, there is a need to know at least where the email was sent from.

It’s just amazing if we can know where every mail is coming from. In this way, we can know what is coming to us, and the role to play to protect ourselves from online scammers.

Do you know that you can find the location of a Gmail sender? By knowing the location, you can make an intelligent guess to know the actual sender.

In this post, you will know how to trace the IP address of the mail sender, follow the steps below.

Steps to Trace Sender’s IP in Gmail

1. Open the Email message in your Gmail.

2. Click on the “Drop Down” and select “Show Original.

3. A new window will pop up like shown in the image below

4. IP Address of the sender can be seen in the highlighted section on the image above.

5. You can then trace the location of the IP using

See image below

I hope this article was helpful to you? The comment section I’ve available below this page if if you have any questions for us.



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