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How to Use Google Maps on Windows Phone

Do you have a Windows phone and wondering how to use Google Map on it? This post will explain how to do this.

Since Google is the owner of the android operating system, on default, every android phone comes with a pre-installed Google Map app which can not be deleted.

Google knows the importance of their map app and made it pre-installed on every android device – whether the user needs it or not.

For Windows OS phones, the Google Map app does not have a Windows version. This means that Microsoft Windows mobile devices can use the Google Map app.

If you need Google Maps on your Windows phone do this!

Congratulations! There are some third-party apps that are available on the Windows Store for Google Maps.

Note that: the Windows phone browser does not support Google Maps, but you can use Google Maps via using the browser or a third-party app.

Add Google Maps on Windows Phone



gMaps is a free application for Windows phones, which is very much similar to Google Maps. The app on the free version displays ads. If you don’t need ads, then you can go for the premium / paid version which does not allow ads.

Features of the gMaps app

  • It can find the location on the map as well as track speed.
  • It supports Layers such as Street, Satellite, and Traffic.
  • It supports Compass.
  • It has a 360° Ultimate Street View.
  • Directions for those using Car, Bicycle, Public or walk.
  • An amazing Driver mode.
  • Can share map via SMS and Email.
  • It supports the night mode.
  • Plus many other features.

Download maps here from Microsoft


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