How To Download Copy Of Your Data With Google

Google Data

This article explains how to download a copy of everything Google knows about you.

Do you know that Google now allows its users to download a copy of everything they stored under their Google account?

The download includes; Google Drive, Google Plus, Gmail, Blogger, Chrome, Hangouts, and every other Google product.

Having a copy of the archive will be necessary to those who decide to quit Google and delete their entire Google account.

This feature is useful if you want a reminder of everything detail Google ever knows about you. Downloading a copy is more like a backup, and will not alter or delete your information with Google.

What Google Knows About You

  • Every place you searched in Google Maps.
  • All the apps opened even opened on all your Android device.
  • Everything you ever asked Google Assistant.
  • Every comment you dropped on YouTube.
  • All the videos you watched on YouTube.
  • All Android app you searched for or in installed on via the Play Store.
  • All news article you opened or read on the Google News.
  • All Ads viewed or visited in any of Google’s products.
  • All your Gmail files, including Spam and Trash.
  • And many more

How to download a copy of all your data on Google

  1. Navigate your web browser to
  2. Select the Google products that you want to back up. You can also choose to select all products.
  3. After selecting click on Next button which is at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose a file format you want your download to be in zip or tgz
  5. Choose the maximum size. You have option of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB or 50GB. If you the size you chose it not up to the download size – Google will split it into different downloads. I advise you to choose according to your network strength and device memory.
  6. Choose a delivery method. You can choose to receive a direct download link via email or have the back sent to Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
  7. Finally, click on Create Archive. Please note that the archive may take several hours or even days to create.
  8. Be patient while it downloads.


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