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How to Check, Fix and Remove Broken Links From Your Blog

This article will teach you how to Check, Fix, and remove all Broken Link From Blog to get a better ranking.

If you are conversant with search engine optimization, you will, for sure, understand the importance of backlinks in optimizing a website. There are two types of links, internal links, and external links.

Internal links are those links you create by yourself with the same site. For instance, if you write an article on your blog, and you add a link to another article on the same blog, the link is known as an internal link.

Internal links are handy for quicking indexing of webpages by the search engine robots. It is advisable to have at least an internal link on every webpage.

On the other hand, external links (backlinks) are those links a website gets from other websites. For instance, if a site adds a link back to your site as a reference, or for whatever reason.

What is a Broken link?

A broken link is a dead link or a link which is no longer available on your blog or website, meaning the page of this link is not available on your blog.

For instance, if you delete a post and its post link is still available on another post or via social media, or it may have been “back-linked” by another website of which you are not aware.

When people open this link, then your blog will say that this page is not found or it may show an error 404. This kind of link is called a broken link.

Causes of broken links

  • Incorrect URL entered by the website owner.
  • The domain name already existed on another website which was later taken down before you purchased it.
  • The destination site removed the linked web page.
  • The destination site no longer exists or permanently moved.
  • The user may be behind a firewall that blocks access to the linking site.

Disadvantages of the broken links

  • It will harm your blog page views and increases Bounce Rate.
  • It may make your readers lose interest in your blog, thinking your blog should not be trusted.
  • Due to this Google search and other search engines may reduce the number of your blog indexed links.
  • It may kill your blog’s Search Engine Optimization effort.

How to check the broken link

There are lots of websites on the internet that can be used to check the broken links of your blog. But in this article, we are going to focus on a website called “broken link check.”

This website will give good a response and also tell broken link pages and posts on your blog.

  • To achieve this, first of all, you will have to open the broken link check website.
  • Next, enter your website URL ( and click on Find Broken Links.1
  • Next, you will have to enter a captcha code and then select any one option and then click on the Find Broken Links now.

It will take a few seconds to check the broken link. After which it will show the status of the broken link on your blog or website.

How to fix or remove broken links

There is no automatic way of removing broken links from your blog. Although for WordPress users, you may find some plugins which claim to remove broken links automatically. I don’t need advice you use such a plugin.

A plugin of such nature may reduce your page loading speed or even complicate issues because such a plugin may not match all WordPress themes.

The best way to remove broken links is to do it manually. Simply look for where you include the broken link and then delete it.

Alternatively, for WordPress users, you can install a plugin that will redirect all broken links to another page or post.


Hope this post was helpful to you, if you have any questions or contributions, please make use of the comment box.

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