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Facebook Business Manager Account Setup and its Best Usage

Want to know where treasures are hidden on Facebook, go to Facebook Business Manager and open an account.

Before discussing the Facebook Business Manager account setup, let us quickly treat what Facebook Business Manager is and why you need to open an account on it.

Opening a Facebook Business Manager account is to make you have an easy access to the most advanced marketing and advertising tools on Facebook and use them to effectively grow your business.

This is a complete step by step guide to walk you through how to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

It contains relevant images showing you how to sign up for Facebook Business Manager and get started with the tool.

Using Facebook for marketing goes beyond posting about your business or mere boosting your existing posts on your business page.

Facebook Business Manager

Thinking you will reach your target audience this way was a joke I discovered it the hard way.

Most of my Facebook ads before I learned how to sign up for a Facebook Business Manager account were created wrongly and I got almost nothing from them.

So, if your Facebook ads don’t deliver and you wonder what to do. The solution is to know how to create and use a Facebook Business Manager.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that you can use to combine Facebook marketing strategies, share access with a team and create a better ad campaign.

As the name entails, the tool was designed to organize and manage your Facebook marketing and advertising activities.

You can use the tool to track your ads and obtain insights into their performances and discover the best ideas for optimization.

Facebook Business Manager can also be defined as a hub to manage Facebook’s business tools, business assets, and give access to others and work as a team on your pages or ads account without revealing your login credentials.

Using Business Manager, however, makes it easier to use Facebook marketing tools and assets effectively for reaching your target customers on Facebook and Instagram.

There is a wide range of marketing tools on Facebook to promote your business, attract new audiences and build strong customer relationships.

These include Facebook Messenger, Business Page, Ads Manager, Audience Insights, Facebook Pixels, and so on.

Each of the tools works independently and can also be integrated to combine different strategies and harness your ad performance.

Meanwhile, using a tool or an asset to complement the other brings about a better result.

Assuming you want to run an ad on Facebook and want it to show on Instagram simultaneously, Business Manager makes it possible and very easy.

You only need to know how to create your Facebook Business Manager account to get started and this is covered below.

Facebook Business Manager account setup step by step

Getting started with Facebook Business Manager is simple. Take the following steps and choose options or features suitable for your business.

#1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account

The very first step to use Facebook Business Manager as a beginner is to sign up for an account on the platform from your browser.

1. Visit Business Manager and click the blue “Create Account” button on the top right corner of the page.

Facebook Business Manager

In case you have not logged in to Facebook earlier, you will be prompted to do so with your normal Facebook account credentials before you can create your Business Manager account.

Facebook Business Manager

This is required to confirm your identification before gaining access.

You will be redirected to the Business Manager main page. Once you are logged in, click Create Account to proceed as seen above.

2. Input your business or account name, your name, and the business email address you like to use to create your Facebook Business Manager account in the form that pops up, and then click the Submit button.

Facebook Business Manager

3. Confirm your email address. A verification email will be sent to the email address you entered above.

Facebook Business Manager

Go check your inbox and click on the Confirm Now button in the email sent to you.

You will be redirected to your newly created business manager account. Take your time to look through it and be familiarized with the dashboard.

#2 Link your Facebook business Page(s) to your Business Manager Account

You can’t use your Facebook Business Manager account without having a Facebook page.

That makes adding your Facebook business page to your Business Manager account the very next step to take after creating your account.

If you don’t have a page yet, it is important to create one using this guide. And when your page is ready, take the following steps to link it to your Business Manager account.

facebook business manager

  1. Click Pages under Accounts on the sidebar of your Business Manager account dashboard.
  2. Then select Add.
  3. Click an option, Add a page precisely, or scroll for another option.

facebook business manager

Enter the name or URL of the Facebook Page you intend to add, then click the Add Page button.

Your request will be approved immediately if you’re the owner or an admin of the Page. Otherwise, wait for the approval of the Page owner before Facebook can allow you to add it to your account.

N.B. While trying to add a page to Business Manager, Facebook gives 3 options, which allow you to either add your page, client’s page, or even create a new page from your Business Manager account.

The options to add a Page include:

  • Add a Page: Choose this option if you own a page and you intend to link it to Business Manager.
  • Request access to a Page: Click this option in case you want to set up a Facebook Business Manager account for a client or you want to link other peoples’ Facebook Pages to your account.
  • Create a new Page: Click this option in case you don’t have a Page to add to your account yet.

For the purpose of this guide on how to create a Facebook business manager account, the option to choose is Add a Page.

#3. Add your Ad Account to your Business Manager account

As your main purpose of creating an account on Facebook Business Manager is to set up an ad campaign, then you have to add your Ad Account to your Business Manager account.

This will enable you to track your campaigns effectively.

  1. Look through the sidebar of your business Manager account dashboard and click Ad accounts.

facebook business manager

2. Click Add button that pops up on the other side of the page.

facebook business manager

The blue button will open three options such as:

  • Add an Ad Account
  • Request Access to an Ad Account
  • Create a new Ad Account

You are to choose what is applicable to you.

It must be noted that you can’t remove an Ad Account once you have added it to the Business Manager.

So, in case you want to use your Business Manager to work on a client’s Ad Account, it is better to select Request Access to an Ad Account. That will help you seek the client’s permission.

But since you don’t have an existing ad account, you can select the third option, then follow the prompts to create and add your Ad Account to Business Manager.

3. Let’s say you click “Add” and select Create a New Ad Account.

facebook business manager

4. On the next page, you will be required to add your payment information to your new Ad Account.

This includes naming your new Ad Account, and setting your preferred Time zone and the Currency with which you want to pay Facebook for using its Ad service for your business.

facebook business manager

In the currency section, you have the option to use USD by default. But if you prefer to use your local currency, the option is there. You can just click on it to retrieve other currencies and select the one you prefer.

Having set your ad payment information, click Next.

5. Indicate who will the Ad Account be used for.

facebook business manager

Facebook is aware you may want to create this Ad Account for someone and you want the client’s name to appear on the asset.

For that reason, you have the option to assign the Ad Account to your business or another brand or client.

So, if this Ad Account is for you, select My business. Otherwise, select Another business or client and select the existing partner or connect using their business ID.

When you are done with this aspect, click Create to proceed.

#4. Add people and assign permission to manage your Facebook assets

As earlier discussed, one of the advantages of the Facebook Business Manager account setup is the ability to use the tool for integrating your team members into your Facebook business assets.

You can possibly assign access to other people to collaborate with you as a team in managing all your assets without sharing your login credentials with them.

It is going to be a lot of work to singlehandedly manage multiple Pages, Ad Accounts, Catalogs, Apps, Pixels, Instagram accounts and other assets.

So, the moment your business expands, you need to engage more people to work with you. You can engage freelancers and form a synergy to effectively market and advertise your business on Facebook.

To add people and grant them permission to assist in managing your Facebook business assets, take the following steps:

  1. Go to your Business Manager account dashboard and click People under Users.

#4. Add people and assign permission to manage your Facebook assets

2. Click Add button.

3. Enter the email addresses of the people or individuals you want to add in the page that pops up and remember to separate multiple email addresses with comma (,).

If you have agencies you want to add, that can wait till the next step.

facebook business manager

By default, people you add will be given limited access (employee access). You would need to switch Admin access to give full access to your account.

And when you are done adding their email addresses, click the Next button.

Under Select asset type in the first column of the page, there is a list of all your business assets which include your Pages, Ad accounts, Catalogs, Apps, Pixels and Instagram accounts.

You can assign people to each of the assets one after the other by taking the following steps:

facebook business manager

4. Assuming you want to assign access to your Pages, click Classic Pages under Pages.

The list of all Pages you have added to your Business Manager account earlier (in the main STEP #2) will display in the second column.

5. Select any or all of the Page(s) to share access with the team.

6. Then in the third column, switch the kind of access you like to assign to the team eg Partial accessView earnings insights, or Full control depending on your needs.

When you’re done, click the Invite button.

7. Return to the Business Manager account dashboard under Users, click People and repeat the process to share access with your teams to other assets as did above for your Pages.

Each time you assign access to people, Facebook will send an invitation message to the team to join you and the invitation will pend until they accept it.

#5. Add business partners

You can as well use your Facebook Business Manager account to share your assets with an agency working with you or to request access to a client’s assets. This may not be necessary at the moment if your business is still new.

Meanwhile, this guide will prepare you for the task against the time that you will need to work with a partner or agency, and the need to share assets will occur.


Go to your Business Manager account dashboard, and click Partners under Users.

You will see two options Partner share assets with and Partner to request assets from on the main section of the page. You need at the moment that you are signing up for Facebook Business Manager will determine the option to take.

Assuming you want to share your assets with a partner, then you will need to opt for “Partner to share assets with”.

But before you can add a partner in this manner, you need to know the Business Manager ID of the partner. So, you can directly ask your partner for this.

Any Business Manager account ID can be located under Business Settings > Business Info.

Click Add, and enter the ID on the page that pops up. Then click the Next button and follow what prompts next.

#6. Add Instagram accounts

Another thing you can use Facebook Business Manager for is to integrate your Instagram account into your account. This will help you manage your Instagram account right from your Business Manager account.

To add your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Manager account, go to your Business Manager account dashboard, and click Instagram accounts under Accounts.

Click the Add button on the other page. Another page will pop up as seen below.

instagram facebook business manager

Click the wide blue button to connect your Instagram account immediately.

And on the next page, you will be required to enter your Instagram login credentials and login.

When you are done, click login and you will be redirected to your Facebook Business Manager account. Just follow the prompts to complete the task.

#7. Add WhatsApp business app accounts

Adding your WhatsApp Business App accounts to Business Manager makes it easier for you to manage your connections and track your leads and conversions on WhatsApp.

With the recent business features added to WhatsApp, people don’t use the platform for mere instant messaging again.

The catalog feature on the WhatsApp business app, for example, allows users to display their products and close sales directly on the platform.

You can as well send leads from your Pages to your WhatsApp business app account and sustain your relationships with customers.

All your business activities on WhatsApp, however, can be well managed if you know how to sign up for Facebook manager and add your account as an asset for marketing and advertising your business.

1. Go to your Business Manager account dashboard, and click WhatsApp accounts under Accounts.

2. On the other side of the page, click the Add WhatsApp account button.


3. Enter your WhatsApp business app phone number in the form as seen above. And don’t forget to add your country zip code.

A 5-figure verification code will be sent to the WhatsApp account you are trying to add.

So, make sure the phone is within your reach and the number has not been linked to another Facebook Business Manager account to complete this task.

4. Check your WhatsApp account for the verification code. Enter the code and when you’re done, click the Continue button and follow the prompts.

#8. Set up Facebook Pixels

Another Facebook Business Manager’s best usage is for setting up Facebook pixels for your business website.

Facebook pixels are small pieces of code generated on Facebook to be placed on the HTML header of your website to track how your audience converts and use the data to optimize your Facebook ads for targeting and retargeting your potential customers.

Meanwhile, you can set up your Facebook pixels right from your Facebook Business Manager account in the following steps:

1. Go to your Business Manager account dashboard, and click Data Sources to expand the menu.


2. Click Pixels, and then click Add.

3. Enter a name up to 50 letters to call your pixel. You can also enter your website URL, though optional.


Entering your website will permit Facebook to help you check and provide you with the best relevant options to set up your pixel. When you are done, click the Continue button.

5. You will see two options either to continue managing your business and set up your pixel later or set up the pixel and complete the installation immediately.


For different reasons, which include not having your website fully ready, you may decide to suspend the setup and come back to it later.

But if you are really ready, click Set Up the Pixel Now.


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