How to Make Money by Adding a Store to Your Blog


Do you have a blog? Do you want to make more money from your blog?

Why not turn your blog readers into your potential customers and make money from them?

You mustn’t depend only on AdSense, and if AdSense didn’t approve your blog, what next?

Does that mean you will give up your blogging career?

How about you wake up tomorrow and discovered that AdSense was just a mirage – what will you do?

Does that mean that without AdSense or Affiliate Marketing, you won’t think of venturing into blogging?

It is evident that 85% of bloggers in Nigeria today depend solely on AdSense as a source of income for their blogs.

In this post, I will teach you how you can make more money by adding an online store to your blog. Although it depends on the niche, you are blogging.

This may not favor news bloggers, because products related to their blog niche are mainly “newspapers and magazines” which every man can easily get from a vendor on his street.

But as a fashion blogger, why shouldn’t you have a store on your blog?

Yes! A store, Just as I always say, you must not have a warehouse on goods before you can start selling online.

Are you interested in making more money online?

Do you own a Fashion blog, Tech blog, Event blog, or do you blog on any physical product, or even aspiring to?

Steps to Create a Store on your Blog

1. Add a store section to your blog.

For those blogging with WordPress, this will be so easy for you, search for the “WooCommerce” plugin, install and activate it.

Customize the plugin to your taste, also make sure you add the store section link to your blog menu for easy navigation for your users.

For those blogging with other platforms that are not WordPress, if your platform does not support plugins or widgets, which can be used for an online store, the service of a web developer may be needed.

2. Add products to your blog store.

For instance, as a fashion blogger who has no real product to sell, meet such good fashion designers who are out for business, and partner with them.

If the deal is good, add their products to your store. You can sell either at a price higher than what they sell and make your profit or sell on commission.

Although this all depends on the partnership deed, you entered with them entered.

Make sure that each product has a price tag, so your customers will know the actual price they are to pay.

3. Payment terms

This is based on what is most convenient for you and also the kind of products you are selling.

If you are new and still trying to build customers or readers on your blog, I will suggest your customers pay on delivery.

Integrating a payment system will not be necessary; this is because they may not trust your blog so well to make an online payment.

4. Advertisement

Since the blog is yours, you are expected to advertise your most attractive products on strategic positions within your blog.

You may also create helpful featured posts, well written to attract your readers to your product.

Also, start commenting on other niche related blogs, with links linking to your blog store, this will not only direct readers to your blog but also make your store more popular.

Blog Niche and Sellable Products

Make Money by Adding a Store to Your Blog

  1. Fashion Blogs: Can sell; Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Cosmetics, etc.
  2. Tech Blogs: Can sell; Phones, Laptops, Cameras, Household Appliances, Software, etc.
  3. Event Blogs: Can; Link people looking to event centers, Rent cars, and wedding gowns, connect people to event planners, souvenir production, etc.

Having this kind of blog, you can efficiently act as an intermediary on lots of occasions.

All you need is to know those who can do the job, partner with them, and promote their products and services for yourself.

An event blog store should be appropriately customized in a unique way different from others.

It is because you may not have a direct product to sell, but rather display services in an attractive manner that may seem irresistible.


In conclusion, I see no reason a blog should solely depend on third-party platforms to generate income.

Creating an online store will give more opportunities for a blogger to engage in a more real business.

If your blog store gets so successful, you can then develop a real-time online store just like Jumia and Konga.

You mustn’t start an online big; you may start from a blog store and then migrate over time.



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