USSD To Get Your BVN Immediately On Your Phone


This post will show you how to get your BVN in just 5 sec by just pressing the USSD code.

BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. It made up of 11 digit number, which acts as a universal ID in all banks that exist in Nigeria.

The Bank Verification Number ensures the engagement of banking transactions at any point of Banking operations.

Although, after applying for BVN and giving all the necessary information required, your bank will provide you with your BVN.

No one is expected to have more than one bank verification number. If you try to cheat the system to have multiple Bank Verification Number- you will be caught by the biometrics you did.

Your BVN should link all your bank account. There is no limit to the number of bank accounts that can be linked to your BVN.

Even if you keep an account with all banks in Nigeria, you are still limited to just a single bank verification number.

After getting your Bank Verification Number, if you walk into a bank to open a new account, they will still request it. And the details you will provide must be the same as the one in your BVN.

If at any point in time, there is a change in your name. For instance, you got married and decided to change one of your names. You will have to update your Bank Verification Number.

To update your BVN is very easy. Simply walk in the bank you registered the BVN, walk straight to the customer care, and tell what you want to do.

In the case, if a name change due to marriage. You will have to go with your marriage certificate as evidence.

If also you discover a misspelled of your name, you will have to undergo the same process. but in this case, the birth certificate will be required.

Remember you can always sue an affidavit if you didn’t give you your birth certificate?

Now, what will happen if you need your BVN to fill up a form and you don’t have it with you?

Or let say you have an issue with your financial institution and they request for your BVN which you didn’t memorize or have it written down with you at that moment.

What will you do?

No need to get worried, you can get you BVN with your mobile phone anytime anywhere.

How To Check Your BVN On Your Phone

Simply Dial the USSD *565*0# on your phone.

Make sure the number on the phone is the one registered with your BVN.

Wait just for a few seconds and your Bank Verification Number will appear on your phone.

Note: This code works on all networks MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile.

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