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MTN Call Barring Code – How To Activate And Deactivate Call Barring

In this article, you will learn how to activate and deactivate call barring with code on the MTN network.

Call barring has been there for a very long time, but the problem is that most people are not aware of it, and how to set it up.

There are times we may want to block or prevent certain calls to come to our phone.

In this situation, most people may end up switching off their mobile phones, thereby preventing all incoming calls.

This may be totally not accepted especially for mobile numbers that are linked to personal business.

One can’t just reject all their business calls because they are trying to avoid certain calls.

What is Call Barring

Call barring is a free mobile service that allows users to prevent and block certain calls on their mobile network lines.

Though this service is available on almost all networks, we will narrow this article to the MTN Nigeria network.

This post will show in detail how to activate or deactivate phone call barring on the MTN network.

But before we proceed, let’s talk about the different options and privileges the people that decide to use the call barring service do have.

Those who choose the MTN network SIM cards did that for different personal reasons. For varying reasons, some people may not want to receive calls on their MTN lines.

Others may just want to prevent outgoing calls. Whatever your intentions, this article will guide you through.

You can choose to manage call barring by visiting your MTN SIM toolkit. Or you can dial some simple shortcode on your line to activate or deactivate several levels of MTN call barring.

Before you proceed, always bear in mind that the 0000 is the default password of MTN call barring.

MTN Call Barring Code

How to Change MTN Call Barring Password PIN

Similar to most other networks, to change the MTN call barring is very short and simple. As simple as just dialing the shortcode, this will be completed in just seconds.

To update the default MTN call barring PIN (password) to another PIN, simply dial *03*330* Default PIN * New PIN * Repeat New PIN #

If  you have already changed your default PIN in the past then to change it again simply dial *03*330* Old PIN * New PIN * Repeat New PIN #

For instance, to change from 2468 to 1357 you need to dial *03*330*2468*1357*1357#

The code must be dialed with the MTN line you are setting a call barring on.

USSD Codes for MTN Call barring

For MTN outgoing calls

  • Dial *33*PIN# to activate barring for all outgoing calls
  • Dial #33*PIN# to deactivate barring for all outgoing calls
  • Dial *#33# to check outgoing call blocking status.

For MTN Incoming calls

  • Dial *35*PIN# to block all incoming calls.
  • Dial #35*PIN# to deactivate,
  • Dial *#35# to check incoming calls blocking status.

MTN Outgoing International Calls

  • Dial *331*PIN# to bar all outgoing international calls.
  • Dial #331*PIN# to cancel call barring for all outgoing international calls.
  • Dial *#331# to check the status of your outgoing international calls.

MTN Outgoing international calls except to Nigeria

  • Dial *332*PIN# to activate.
  • Dial #332*PIN# to cancel.
  • Dial *#332# to check status.

MTN Incoming calls when outside Nigeria

  • Dial *351*PIN# to bar incoming calls when you’re outside Nigeria.
  • Dial #351*PIN# to deactivate call barring for incoming calls when outside Nigeria.
  • Dial *#351# to check your incoming call barring status on MTN when you’re outside Nigeria.

Barring incoming calls when you are outside home your country is a useful feature when you are on a business trip to another country and do not want any disturbing calls.

Advantages of call barring

  1. It allows users to accept and reject specific incoming calls.
  2. Phone calls can be prevented even when the mobile phone is on.
  3. Phones can be used for other purposes, such as viewing galleries, taking pictures, recording video, etc while certain calls will be prevented at the same time.
  4. While on call barring, your phone can still be connected to the internet, which allows chatting, make internet calls, and operate several internet-enabled apps.


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