How To Buy Airtime From Heritage Bank Account

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This article explains How To Buy Airtime From Heritage Bank Account For Yourself And For Others

What makes people patronize a bank is the type of services they offer. Any bank that offers flexible banking packages and services will easily win lots of customers. In this regard, Heritage bank has been outstanding.

One of their banking services is the *322*030# USSD code. With this service, a Heritage bank customer can perform most banking transactions without the need of going to the bank.

With this, they can recharge their mobile line directly from their bank account in a few seconds.

How To Recharge Phone From Your Heritage Bank

Dial *322*030* Amount # To recharge your mobile phone from your Heritage Bank account
Dial *322*030* Phone Number * Amount # To recharge other mobile phones from your Heritage Bank account
Dial *322*030* Account Number * Amount  # To transfer money to Heritage Bank or other banks from your Heritage Bank account
Dial *322*030* Biller ID* Amount # For bill payment

To buy airtime using the Heritage Bank mobile airtime recharge code,

Dial *322*030*Amount# to top-up your phone as shown in the table above.

  • For example: to recharge ₦600 – you will have to dial *322*030*600#

Dial *322*030* Mobile number* Amount # to top-up other mobile phones

  • For example: to recharge a friend’s phone with  ₦600 – you will have to dial *322*030* 080xxxxxx24 *200 #

Heritage Bank Biller ID Code

How To Buy Data From Heritage Bank Account

The data purchase is for internet lovers. There are times when people may be in urgent need of data and want to buy it directly from their bank. It is not possible to buy it directly. Rather you should consider topping up your airtime and purchase your data package from there.

Features of Heritage Bank *322*030#

  • To recharge your phone
  • To recharge family and friends’ phone
  • To manage your cards
  • To reset your PIN
  • To check your bank balance
  • To open an account
  • To make merchant payments
  • To transfer funds
  • To pay bills
  • To make card-less withdrawals
  • To make LCC Toll Payments


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