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How to Transfer Money from Heritage Bank to Other Banks

Heritage Bank is a new generation bank in Nigeria, the bank is known for its conducive banking environment. The bank products and services are what every bank customer needs.

Heritage Bank Transfer Code: transactions have been made very easy with the use of the Heritage Bank transfer code which is specially made for Heritage Bank customers in Nigeria.

As a result, the HB Talkon (SMS short code service) tends to assist customers to make their transactions fast without stress.

Hence, this mobile money transfer code can be used to transfer money from Heritage Bank to other Banks just with your phone.

This piece of writing will show you how to transfer money, recharge your phone and check your account balance.

Heritage bank provides its customer with a USSD shortcode to enable them to perform most banking transactions with their mobile phone securely.

To be a part of this, all you need is the mobile number that is linked to your Heritage Bank account. This service requires no registration. Simply dial *745*, extended by the service you want, and end it by typing # tag.

With the same service, customers can transfer money from their Heritage bank account to another Heritage bank account, or any other bank in Nigeria.

How to use Heritage Bank Transfer Code to send money

Heritage bank did their possible best to make sure that bank transfer via USSD code is flexible, secure, and fast. Follow the step below to transfer from Heritage bank.

  • Dial *745*1*Amount*account number#, For example, *745*1*500*0123456789# to transfer 5,000 to 0123456789.
  • Select the bank of the beneficiary based on the numbers displayed on the screen.
  • Confirm the name of the recipient if it is the same as the bank name you want to send some money to.
  • Finally, enter your USSD transfer PIN

Heritage Bank transfer limits

For a single transaction, the transfer limit is 20,000 naira. With a total daily transfer of 100,000 naira.

Features of Heritage Bank Transfer Code

  • The USSD transfer code is available to all Heritage Bank customers who have an account with the bank.
  • The transaction does not require any internet connection to initiate.
  • What is needed is only the mobile network.
  • It works on all mobile network providers in Nigeria, MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile.
  • The code can be dialed from all types of phone brands and operating systems.
  • The service is available at all times of the day, including midnights, weekends, and public holidays.

Heritage Bank USSD Codes

  • For Self-recharge – dial *745*100# to recharge #100
  • For Third Party Recharge – dial *745*100 *Phone Number *Amount#  to transfer #100
  • For Transfer – dial *745*Amount* Account Number#
  • For Bill Payment – dial *745*Amount* Biller ID#.


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