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Free E-Commerce Script Source Code Built With PHP

This is an E-Commerce Script that was fully developed with PHP, HTML, Javascript, and MYSQLi.

The eCommerce system is capable of transacting any music product online. The system will make the market system easily conduct more profit for the business.

It has a user-friendly interface that made it very easy for everyone to modify and develop without much stress just by using this E-Commerce Script as a template.

This E-Commerce Script makes use of PayPal for online payments and at well it has an Admin Panel. The system allows its admin or staff to manage the products, view messages, etc.

Importance of the eCommerce script

  • When hosted online, it helps to simplify the trades between the seller and the buyer.
  • It keeps records of the eCommerce business
  • It keeps the business active all round the clock
  • It allows the buyer to views products and their features before paying them.

E-Commerce Script Features

Project Name: E-Commerce
Software Type: Web-Based Application
Web Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, CSS
Database Type: MySQL Database
File Type: Zip File
File Size: 62MB
Zipped File Size: 16.4MB
Test Condition: Tested on both local servers of live server using cPanel.
PHP Version: PHP
Software Purpose: For the management of an online shop


  • Product – CRUD: create products, read products, update products, delete products.
  • Add Member: The administrator can add members from its admin panel.
  • Add Multiple User: Admin can as well add multiple users to the e-commerce system.
  • Can Remove User: for whatever reason, the admin can choose to remove any user at will.
  • Delete Member: not just removing users, the admin can also delete members of the e-commerce platform.
  • List of Member messages: the list of the system messages is also a function of the admin on this eCommerce script


  • Can Order Product: the users can order products
  • Payment through Paypal: users can make payments via PayPal
  • Shopping cart function: every user has the shopping cart function on their interface.
  • Send reviews: Users can also send reviews on every product they purchase.

Users of the e-commerce

  1. Programmers, who need a structure to develop an eCommerce website.
  2. Students, who have projects to execute on similar software.
  3. Self-development, people who wish to learn and understand how such software works.
  4. Online eCommerce shop owners, who want their customers to buy their products online.
  5. Researchers, who are running research on the effectiveness, pros, and cons of an eCommerce software.

To have experience on how to use this system download the source code and follow the instructions listed below.

How to install the eCommerce script

  • Download and Install a local server on your computers such as XAMPP or WAMP.
  • Download the E-Commerce Script source code, the download will be in a zip file format provided source code zip file. The download link will be found below.
  • Open your local server Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL on your computer.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file, to do this you must have zip extractor software on your computer. If you don’t have any zip extractor you may want to read this post List of Best Free Zip Programs Extractor Software, to choose to best to download for free.
  • For XAMPP users, copy the extracted folder and paste it into “htdocs” directory in XAMPP’s. For WAMP users, copy and paste the extracted source code directory into the “www” directory.
  • Use your browser to locate the phpMyAdmin. i.e. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  • On the phpMyAdmin create a new database and name it db_project.
  • Next import the provided database SQL file. The file name is db_project.sql you will find it inside the root folder of the script you extracted.
  • Browse the Ecommerce system in any browser. i.e. http://localhost/ecommerce and for the admin side http://localhost/ecommerce/admin.

eCommerce script Login Details 

Admin Login

  • Admin Login URL: /ecommerce/admin
  • Admin Username: admin
  • Admin Password: admin

Download Ecommerce Script Source Code

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