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List of all Blog Niche in the World and How to Choose a Niche

In case you don’t have any niche you want to blog on or you want to change your blogging niche because your current niche doesn’t fetch you money, am glad to tell you that you are in the right place to get your problem solved where we will list the best blogging niches in Nigeria.

This article is specifically for those who want to get themselves involved in the blogging business and those trying to get a direction for their blog. It contains the list of all blog niches, and what to consider when choosing a niche.

Choosing a Blog Niche is like choosing a business. Before one can choose a business, some things must be considered. If proper consideration is not put in place that business may end up being a failure.

For instance, a good businessperson can’t go into a business he has no good idea about or business he has no passion for. The same is applied to choosing a blog niche.

In Choosing a Blog Niche, many things ought to be considered, but we will only be looking at three of them.

What is a Niche in blogging?

A Niche is a wide broad subject with several topics you can blog on, I made this simplified definition of niche in my last post in case you still don’t get the definition of niche.

In a university, there are many colleges like health sciences, engineering, art, etc and these colleges also have several departments like mathematics, chemistry, French, mechanical engineering, etc.

University is the website, a blog is the college and niche are the departments.

They all work together and that’s why you cannot have a niche without a blog or a blog without a website.”

What to consider when choosing a blog niche

1. Your Passion

Passion is essential when selecting a blog niche. It is always advisable to go for a niche you have a passion for.

If you pick a niche you have a passion for, you will never get tired of blogging, and writing quality content will never be a problem for you.

Regarding this, the first question you should ask yourself is, “what am I passionate about?”

The answer to this settles it all. The following questions may also be necessary;

  • Do you have a hobby – something you like doing in your free time?
  • What kind of topics do you like to talk about?
  • Do you enjoy reading, if you what?
  • What and what do you always search for on search engines?
  • What kind of pages do you follow on social media?

After getting a topic you are passionate about, you should make sure that you have good knowledge of the topic. Although knowledge develops with time. So you can as well build yourself around the subject matter.

2. Profitability

If you want to start blogging for pleasure, this will not be necessary. Most bloggers in the world their fortune from their blogs.

If you aim to be like them, Then you will have to choose from the profitable niche, if that you have passion for is not profitable.

Since it is not of passion to you, then you will have to invest lots of time to develop yourself around the profitable niche.

To know how profitable a niche is, go and check the affiliate programs under it. As well as the CPA of the niche.

3. Potential Audience

The next thing is audience size. If the niche market is small or big, it will be tough for you to reach the audience.

So how to know if a niche is small or big?

The answer is, that if you cannot come up with ten blog posts ideas for your niche, it means your niche is too small.

At the same time, you need to check the number of people who are interested in your niche. If there are available competitors in the market, it’s a good sign that people care about it.

You can also use keyword research tools like SEMrush to check how many people are searching for the keywords which are related to your niche.

Now you have to debate on what you want to blog about, you can’t be talking about just anything because blogs that talk about anything and everything are not always successful.

We are talking about a blog here not a forum and that’s exactly why we provided a list of 100 profitable Niches and sub-niches with a large number of readers in Nigeria for you to blog on.

There are many untapped niches included in the list too to choose from in this blog niche list. You can also decide to choose this sub-niche as your own Niche

List of All Blog Niche In The World

I call this post “An Encyclopedia of Blogging Niches.” It contains 23 categories of niche and over 120 subcategories.

1. Entertainment

The entertainment niche is the most profitable Niche or blog topic (like beginner bloggers call it) you can blog on in Nigeria with an average of 5 million searches on Google per month.

On the top ten list of top blogs in Nigeria, three entertainment blogs are present on the list.

If you want to blog in this niche, you must have exceptional skills that you can use to beat your competitors for traffic in this niche because this niche is saturated, 40% of Nigerian blogs are entertainment blogs.

According to Jason Calcani “The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.”

This blogging Niche makes the most money in Nigeria, one weak point of blogs in this niche you can capitalize on is that 80% of blogs here do copy and paste.

What you read on a blog on this Niche is what you will surely read in 90% of other blogs on this niche which means you can make your research very well before publishing, write new things, and diversify your sub-niches, then you are good to go.

These are the sub-niches you can blog on:

  • Celebrity gists
  • Jokes and comedy
  • Tv series
  • Entertainment News
  • Memes and pranks

2. Make money online

Many Nigerian youths are unemployed, they are looking for a way to earn a living online.

If you know a few things about how they can make money online why can’t you create a blog to help them?

These are the sub-niches you can blog on:

  • Make money on social media
  • Make money blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing guides
  • Make money from home
  • Freelancing

3. Course of study

Since you studied agriculture or mathematics in school and you are now a graduate, why can’t you start a blog about the course you studied and help teach undergraduates and aspirants what this course is all about.

You can even sell ebooks to them and am very sure they will appreciate your effort.

I’ve seen many bloggers oversea blogging on their course of study and they are doing fine with it.

Start a blog on your course of study now!!

These are the example of courses you can start on:

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy

4. Education

In Nigeria We value Education, there are some parts of Nigeria where according to statistics, In every 500 citizens between the age of 21-30 you meet, at least 350 will have either a B.Sc or HND.

You can create a sub-niche on:

  • Admission updates
  • Project topics
  • E-Learning
  • Education Guides
  • Undergraduate materials like past questions etc.
  • Scholarship
  • Educational news
  • Postgraduate studies

5. Politics

Politics is the most discussed topic in Nigeria nowadays, even mighty sports gain less attention than Politics in Nigeria.

If you love politics and the history of politics in Nigeria, I will advise you to create a blog on politics because you will make multi-million from this niche.

IF you can beat your competitors like vanguard for traffic then you are good to go.

These are the sub-niches you can venture in :

  • Political news
  • Elections
  • Political interviews
  • Political Manifestoes
  • Political Campaign strategies

6. Health and fitness

Health is wealth! We all want to know how to avoid diseases, keep fit and get counseling on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

You can give us tips on meals to avoid and the ones to eat, prevention and symptoms of some diseases and so on.

If you are a health worker or you know a few things related to health, why can’t you help us solve these problems?

These are the sub-niches on health:

  • Skincare
  • Exercise
  • Healthy meals
  • Yoga
  • Women and men’s fitness
  • Healthy meals
  • Weight loss

7. Sports

Nigerians love sports and after politics, this is the next topic you will see Nigerians debating on. Sports get an average of 30 million searches on google in Nigeria every month.

The main reason why we don’t have many sports blog in Nigeria is that International blogs like Goal.com are the ones getting the most traffic here and many giant news portals also post on sports which make it difficult for new blogs in this niche to breathe.

If you can start a sports blog and invest heavily in it with crazy SEO techniques, am sure you will give them a run for their money.

These are the sub-niches in sports:

  • Sport news
  • European competitions
  • Football updates
  • Basketball
  • Racing
  • Transfer rumors
  • Sport interviews

8. Food

We eat three times a day everything being kept constant. If you know how to cook, this niche will be very easy for you.

There are some meals people are searching for on search engines that many food bloggers don’t know how to prepare.

Who knows you may be the one to solve this problem. You can also give recipes for the food you know how to cook.

You will even earn a commission if you start affiliate marketing for e-commerce like amazon etc. to sell cooking products like blenders, pots, etc.

These are a few sub-niches to blog on here:

  • Traditional meal
  • International meal
  • Recipes

9. Technology

This is the computer age, we all use gadgets in our various homes. At least, in every household, they must have a minimum of 10 Electric gadgets they use serving different purposes.

When they have issues with those gadgets or they want new ones, where do you think they will go for help?

They search about them online!

I have blogged on this niche before and I can tell you that the niche is very profitable according to my research, an average of 1.5million internet users search about technology on Google monthly in Nigeria.

If you are the type that has a passion for Gadgets then I can assure you that you will really enjoy blogging in this niche.

These are several sub-niches to blog on:

  • Phone specs
  • Electronic Gadget
  • Technology news
  • Computer specs and accessories
  • Digital satellites
  • Telecoms

10. Fashion and Beauty

Are you the boss man or boss lady when it comes to fashion.

You know all the colour combinations that work for every outfit, your friends will always consult you to style them when they want to party.

Or if you have a fashion shop offline and you want to gain more audience online then it is a must for you to start a fashion blog.

You can give fashion tips, the latest wear, etc.

  • Makeup
  • Haircare and accessories
  • Men wears
  • Latest styles
  • Celebrity styles
  • Fashion news

11. Job and Career

Statistics shows that an average of 25 million Nigerians are unemployed and are currently searching for jobs.

It is of no news that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a fresh graduate to get a job easily in Nigeria even if you have long legs

Millions of searches are generated on Google every month for new job opportunities in Nigeria.

You can easily create a blog on Jobs and careers if you are very current in getting the latest job vacancies in Nigeria.

Is the job a good niche to blog in Nigeria?

Yes! If you are fully bringing in new job vacancies to the table for job candidates/applicants

  • Career Talk
  • Internship training
  • Job vacancies

12. Relationship and dates

Building a strong relationship with one’s partner nowadays requires strong knowledge of what a relationship entails.

There are some hidden secrets about starting a successful relationship, you can uncover them for us.

You must have been in a relationship for a while and have little experience in a relationship before this can work.

  • Marriage
  • Romance
  • Work-Life balance
  • Dating
  • Relationship advise
  • Hookups

13. Events planning

We love partying in Nigeria, hardly can a weekend go in Nigeria without partying.

At every party, there must be an event planner that will plan the whole process for the party to be successful.

You can start a blog on how to plan events if you know one or more things about it like decorations, etc.

Nigerians search for this online too!!

  • Wedding
  • Decorations
  • Event news

14. Animals

  • Animal feed
  • Animal protection

15. Travel

  • Tourism
  • Visa guide
  • Travel guide
  • Adventure travel
  • Excursions
  • Holiday travel

16. Finance

  • Personal finance
  • Insurance

17. Religion

18. Music

Subniches in music :

  • Instrument learning
  • Music download
  • Gospel music
  • Pop music

19. Autos

  • Aviation
  • Car Maintenance and parts
  • Auto safety and repair

20. Language tutor

  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Local languages(Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa)
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Online language courses

21. Family & Parenting

  • Pregnancy
  • Childcare
  • Responsibility
  • Family finance
  • Family planning
  • House rules

22. Graphics

Train people on how to make graphics
• Photoshop editing
• Portraits’

23. Product review


If you are looking for a niche, I believe this post has exposed you to lots of niches you can engage yourself in.

If you getting involved in blogging, I must let you know that specialization matters a lot.

Don’t just blog on anything you feel like, you should have a direction; this is why you must pick the right niche to blog on.

Again, choose only a niche you have a passion and full interest for, by this, you will be able to write and develop thousands of articles that will be 100% plagiarism free without getting bored.


We are a group of niche-specialized writers. We research for first class information and report it on techorganism.com. Most of the articles we display here are on business, technology, investment, banking and any other information we expect to be relevant to this blog.


  1. Thanks for this article. Pls I’m new into this blogging stuff. I also run a tech blog, writting majorly on gadgets and electronics tips. But the problem here is that I don’t get traffic, and the blog age is more than 3 months now.

    Pls suggest what I can do sir, or should I change the niche?

    • My advice, keep writing good content, do not copy and paste, and your content should be at least 95% plagiarism free. Check your competitors on those keywords you want to rank for, compare their content and yours, then try to make your content better than theirs. Finally as a new blog, it won’t be that easy to get traffic, you will also work hard to improve your blog DA.


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