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80 Google AdSense High CPC Countries, Keywords & Niches

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There is no doubt that Google AdSense is the best and highest-paying ads network in the world.

Although other ad networks such as media.net are also coming up very strong, maybe in the future they might be robbing shoulders with AdSense.

One of the variables which Google AdSense uses the calculates their publishers’ earnings is the Cost Per Click (CPC). The value of the CPC is what most AdSense publishers look at to determine their profits.

A high CPC means high revenue, while a low CPC will reduce the publisher’s earnings.

Now over to the big question!

Understanding the CPC

CPC is simply the amount an AdSense advertiser is willing to pay publishers for every click made on their ads on the publisher’s website.

For instance, if a blogger added AdSense code to their blog, it will display ads on the front end. Once a visitor on the blog clicks on any of the ads, the advertiser will pay for the clicks.

The payment will not be made directly to the publishers. Google will get the money from the advertisers, and they “keep their share” before paying to their publishers as at when due.

The accumulation of the AdSense publishers earned will be paid to them by Google once in a month as long as they reach the payment threshold.

Google AdSense CPC varies based on the country the visitors are clicking. Clicks from some countries attract high CPC, while some other countries have reduced CPC.

There is no full information on all the variables responsible for high and low Cost Per Click in countries, and the reason why CPC varies from one country to another.

But by understanding how the AdSense ecosystem works, countries with the highest CPC are countries where more advertisers are targeting more.

The reason for the high CPC is the bidding and competition of ads in those countries.

Best AdSense CPC Countries

No Countries CPC
1 Australia $0.48
2 Netherlands Antilles $0.44
3 Denmark $0.43
4 Switzerland $0.41
5 South Africa $0.36
6 Finland $0.32
7 New Zealand $0.32
8 Singapore $0.30
9 Norway $0.28
10 United Kingdom $0.27
11 Netherlands $0.26
12 Germany $0.26
13 United States $0.25
14 Canada $0.24
15 Austria $0.23
16 Barbados $0.22
17 Ireland $0.21
18 Belgium $0.21
19 France $0.20
20 Sweden $0.19
21 Kenya $0.18
22 Taiwan $0.18
23 Trinidad and Tobago $0.17
24 Chile $0.17
25 Greece $0.17
26 Qatar $0.15
27 Croatia $0.14
28 Italy $0.13
29 Puerto Rico $0.12
30 Poland $0.11
31 Nigeria $0.11
32 Spain $0.11
33 Malta $0.11
34 Brazil $0.10
35 Kuwait $0.10
36 Czech Republic $0.10
37 Portugal $0.10
38 Mexico $0.09
39 Hong Kong $0.09
40 Japan $0.09
41 Peru $0.08
42 Lithuania $0.08
43 Bangladesh $0.08
44 Hungary $0.08
45 Malaysia $0.08
46 Israel $0.07
47 Oman $0.07
48 Saudi Arabia $0.07
49 Egypt $0.07
50 Turkey $0.06
51 United Arab Emirates $0.06
52 Georgia $0.06
53 Argentina $0.06
54 Slovenia $0.06
55 Sri Lanka $0.05
56 Thailand $0.05
57 Russia $0.05
58 Romania $0.05
59 South Korea $0.05
60 Philippines $0.05
61 Mauritius $0.05
62 Colombia $0.05
63 India $0.05
64 China $0.05
65 Ukraine $0.04
66 Mozambique $0.04
67 Jordan $0.04
68 Tunisia $0.04
69 Indonesia $0.04
70 Fiji $0.04
71 Albania $0.04
72 Uruguay $0.03
73 Uganda $0.03
74 Serbia and Montenegro $0.03
75 Vietnam $0.03
76 Nepal $0.03
77 Cyprus $0.03
78 Moldova $0.03
79 Macedonia [FYROM] $0.03
80 Cambodia $0.03

Source: Utest.com

CPC varies depending on the ads or type of ads that were clicked. The impression and conversion rate of the ads also has a huge role to play in determining the CPC. So just know that the figure can fluctuate.

All the same, to increase your chances of increasing your CPC it is advisable to target your traffic to those countries with higher CPC.

Top CPC Keywords and Niches

It came to my notice that so many people are going into online businesses. Most bloggers are searching for the highest CPC keywords and high niches in the AdSense publisher’s platform.

No doubt, so many people are living comfortably via their online businesses. But the truth remains that some people are not making as much money as they should because they are being paid lower than expected.

Revenue most people make from their AdSense is mainly due to the cost-per-click (CPC) and not the page view.

So many blogs with very little traffic but making passive income from Google AdSense. Some blogs get five times the traffic but have nothing much to show for it – in terms of revenue.

To some blogs, AdSense pays well per click, to other blogs all they receive is a peanut.

Please don’t say AdSense is partial here. The cause for all these disparities is from the AdSense advertisers and what they are paying.

There are some keywords the AdSense advertisers are bidding very high most times. When you have lots of articles related to those kinds of keywords, then expect more cost per click (CPC)

The AdSense CPC that Google pays you depends on the keywords on the content that you write about in your post.

In blogging, most of your articles compete for clicks that will pay just a few cents. But strategic content pays big, and that is what every blogger is expected to focus on at all times.

If you genuinely want to make it big in blogging via Google AdSense, then you have to target those high-paying keywords and niches.

Top CPC Keywords and Niches

No Keywords CPC
1 Insurance $58 CPC
2 Gas/Electricity $54 CPC
3 Mortgage $47 CPC
4 Attorney $47 CPC
5 Loans $44 CPC
6 Lawyer $42 CPC
7 Donate $42 CPC
8 Conference Call $42 CPC
9 Degree $40 CPC
10 Credit $38 CPC
11 Treatment $37 CPC
12 Software $35 CPC
13 Classes $35 CPC
14 Recovery $34 CPC
15 Trading $33 CPC
16 Rehab $33 CPC
17 Hosting $31 CPC
18 Transfer $29 CPC
19 Cord Blood $27 CPC
20 Claim $25 CPC

Source: AlejandroRioja.com

Now that you know the top 20 niches with the highest CPC, please note that keywords within the industries have a role to play. In other words, not all the keywords within those niches pay much high.

Other variables such as; the location of the person clicking, the conversion of clicks, the advertiser, and the content built around the keywords may also influence AdSense.

  • AdSense CPC for Insurance: The AdSense top CPC for insurance keywords is $58
  • For donating keywords what is the top CPC: The top CPC for donate or donation CPC is$42
  • AdSense Top CPC for Mortgages: The AdSense highest CPC for mortgage keywords is $47
  • What is the Highest Cost Per Click for Attorney: The highest cost-per-click for attorney keywords is $47
  • What is the top CPC for Credit: $30 is the top CPC for credit keywords.
  • AdSense Cost-Per-Click for Gas/Electricity: The highest AdSense CPC for gas and electricity keywords is $54
  • What CPC is the greatest for Loan: The highest cost-per-click for load keywords is $42
  • What is the highest CPC for Conference call: The highest for conference call CPC is $42
  • Top cost-per-click for Lawyer: $42 is the highest CPC for keywords on lawyer
  • What is the highest CPC for Degree: $40 is the highest CPC for degree keywords.


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