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10 Best Football Prediction Sites For Sure Winning

This article is for football lovers, it contains the top ten best football prediction sites to use for sure winning.

Football prediction has been a major source of income for most people, especially the desperate youth.

We have gotten reports, and there have been records of people winning huge sums of money running in millions in soccer predictions.

The kind of mega-money some people have won from football prediction is so much that most average employees can’t make it even after saving for five years.

Sounds good right?

But know that while a few people are winning, more people are losing and crying on daily basis. Especially those who are close to victory.

As popularly said in this part of the world “Na one game cast my ticket

If only football prediction can be 100% correct, am sure no soccer betting site will be existence today. They all would have gone bankrupt long ago.

I suppose you know that they pay winners from losers’ funds and the remaining is their gain.

Most football/soccer predicting sites are always between 60%70% correct all the time.

You can never find a predicting site that will be 100% accurate. If such exists – even the richest man may find himself predicting football results.

Have you ever asked yourself why the best team does not win all the time in a football match?

When it comes to football game results, there are a lot of factors that determine the outplay, performance, and result – we have explained those factors here how to predict a football match correctly.

Don’t forget to read it, I really brought out my time to craft lots of factors that affect football’s final result.

Football prediction websites are there to assist you in soccer forecasting.

In another of my article which was titled 12 Secrets of Football Prediction, I told you never to depend fully on football predicting sites.

If you really want to predict correctly always – then you must not depend fully on predicting site, you will have to carry out further research.

Personal instinct also plays a good role sometimes. It works only for those who understand the “power of their subconscious mind“. Those who have this gift know what am talking about.

Hope am not confusing you. I will explain what I mean soon.

Most soccer predicting sites are software that runs on specific commands, they are programmed to work according to instructions.

This will not be correct sometimes because football is not mathematics or scientific. How can a site include player’s emotions as one of their predicting factors?

The way the predicting sites works is the reason they will never predict that a weaker team will win a game, but it happens several times.

It’s mainly personal instinct and emotions that can predict such an outcome.

Anytime a weaker team wins, everybody who predicted according to predicting site will end up losing.

This is already a good reason to let you know that there is more to it than just depending on a website.

So sad, but there is hope

Depending on the command lines, most predicting sites are programmed to predict according to past records, this is why they fail in their predictions most time.

Variables Used By Most Predicting Sites

The predicting robot point to each of the variables explained here to give their final result of every match. The variables are factors that can play a part in predicting football results.

  1. Position of the teams on the table: in most cases, all things being equal predicting the site uses the team’s table position in predicting the outcome of unplayed matches. It is always assumed that the teams leading on the table win if that will be the only available factor.
  2. Teams’ last five matches performance: the artificial intelligence of most of the football predicting websites is programmed in such a way that it calculated the last match performance of teams to determine their next game.
  3. Head-to-head performance: this is considered too, some teams don’t perform well against others, not because they are not good, but due to what some people will call jinx. Because of the head to head is highly considered.
  4. Home team advantage: most teams play better when on their home field, this is why if teams with equal strength are playing against each other, a lesser odd will be given to the home team, because, it is believed that the home has better chances of winning. One factor that motivates the home team’s victory at home is the presence of the fans.
  5. Previous winning margins: previous winning margin is used in calculating the possible correct of upcoming games.
  6. Performance of the playing teams’ last match: a good previous motivates the next victory. This also is used by bots in calculating football results.
  7. Draw history: this is also considered, some teams play more draws than others. The draw history is used in calculating it.

There are also lots of other variables that the site programmer can put in code.

As each match stats are updated, the software then uses the details and other historical details in their database to predict the next match for the team.

What am saying in essence is that the predicting sites are developed to work automatically according to the program.

But you will agree with me that there are also lots of other variables that also contribute to football results that can’t be programmed automatically.

Permit me to ask this question

Why is it that some site predicts results a month before the match is played?

If you don’t have a perfect answer to the question then you should agree with me that they make intelligent guesses automatically from their database.

Variables like; Team lineup, Player’s Injury, Weather Conditions, Referee Bias, Fans Motivation, General Football luck, etc. are not considered by those websites. There is where you ought to make further research for correct prediction.

With all these effects my advice is that you put them into consideration while predicting.

Based on our research and general opinion from football fans we were able to sort out the 10 best football predicting sites and they are listed below.

Top 10 Football Prediction Sites

1. BetExplorer.com

With BetExplorer your prediction is up to 80% guaranteed on win, draw, and lose. The site is trusted by lots of people.

One special feature about this site is that they don’t give predictions at the beginning of a league, not until the teams must have played a minimum of 3 matches.

The played matches will be put into consideration before predicting further games.

2. Windrawwin.com

This website has proved to be very positive especially when predicting correct scores.

From my experience, I can boldly say that their prediction is over 75% correct, not on the correct score though.

What I love most about them is that they also predict other outcomes of football matches such as cards and corner-kicks. It’s a must-try for everyone.

3. Statarea.com

Statarea is most people’s favorite. Their website is very easy to use, they did not just build responsive designs, they have a mobile version template which made their site very easy to use.

What you will enjoy most here is the functionalities as they allow members to register under the platform.

4. Predictz.com

This one is unique in its own way, they have all the features you need as long as football prediction is concerned.

If you are not sure of the sport predicting site to use PredictZ should be your starting point.

5. Soccerpunter.com

Soccerpunter has been unbeatable over the years with a high margin of correct predictions.

The only thing scaring people away from the site is because they have premium membership plans which cost a price.

6. Zulubet.com

Zulubet is very simple and easy to understand. Consider using them if you want to make a very fast prediction.

Although their prediction is mainly on major leagues of the world. If you are making predictions on less popular leagues, then the site may not be sufficient in that regard.

7. Forebet.com

What people love most about this site is the featured prediction for each day which is always correct.

This website covers almost all leagues you can ever want to predict, and they have proved to be close to being perfect in their predictions.

8. Tipforwin.com

Tipforwin is a premium prediction service site. So many people who make use of them had not said much.

But as long as they keep depending on their forecast gave us a second taught. If you have the resources them give them a trial.

9. Scorepredictor.net

Free and easy to use especially for average skaters. They also include basketball and handball in their daily prediction.

10. Stakegains.com

Stakegains are not open for you to select the league of your choice. You are limited to their matches for each day. They only predict what they are sure will occur positively.

Please note that is not just about these predicting sites, but about you. The site is there just as a guide – what you do with them will determine your victory.


In conclusion, I have given you my list of the ten best websites for predicting football results.

These sites I listed have proven over time to be the best in the game from my analysis, but that doesn’t mean that their predictions will be 100% accurate.

Always do good research on every team on your own. Then after that, you can compare with prediction websites.

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I wish you success


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