5 Easy Ways To Reset DSTV Decoder After Payment


This article contains information on the different ways you can easily reset your DSTV decoder within a minute.

Are some of your DSTV channels missing?

Sometimes after renewing our DStv subscription, we find out that some channels will still not be showing.

Not just that, there are also situations when some viewing DStv channels will suddenly disappear, this is getting more common in recent days.

It is now a common problem that always arises on DSTV but needs not to be worried about. You can resolve this issue by resetting your DSTV decoder.

To reset your DSTV is not at all a big task; it takes just a couple of minutes to do it, which I am going to explain here step by step.

There is four major way you can reset your DSTV after payment or after subscribing to a DSTV bouquet.

The five significant ways of resetting the DSTV decoder are;

  1. Reset DSTV decoder via SMS
  2. Reset decoder via DSTV easy service
  3. Reset DSTV decoder using Flash Erase RESET 8118
  4. Reset via manual upgrade RESET
  5. Reset decoder via USSD code

Before you proceed to reset your DSTV, first make sure the decoder is switched on, with the smart card inserted.

Reset DSTV Decoder

How to Reset DSTV via SMS

This option is the fastest, all you need is a mobile phone – regardless of the Nigerian SIM card inside of it.

After subscribing to the DSTV bouquet of your choice, go to your phone SMS service and send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “30333“.

For example, text RESET 12345678910 to 30333.

After sending this SMS, you will get a response that your request is in process. After doing this, within a few minutes, all channels you subscribed for will start showing.

DStv SMS Reset for all African countries

As we know, DStv is a South African-owned company, with a focused concentRESETtion on major African countries.

Below is the DStv reset code for other African countries. So you the same format explained above but text it to the respective country code.

  • DStv reset code in Nigeria: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “30333”
  • DStv reset code in Ghana: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “1779”
  • DStv reset code in Angola: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “43788”
  • DStv reset code in Botswana: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “1771”
  • DStv reset code in Ethiopia: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “8881”
  • DStv reset code in Kenya: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “22788”
  • DStv reset code in Liberia: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “1270”
  • DStv reset code in Malawi: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “53788”
  • DStv reset code in Mozambique: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “93788”
  • DStv reset code in Namibia: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “3788”
  • DStv reset code in Tanzania: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “15727”
  • DStv reset code in Uganda: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “6060”
  • DStv reset code in Zambia: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “4333”
  • DStv reset code in Zimbabwe: send “RESET” “DSTV Decoder Number” to “33788”

How To Reset Decoder Using DSTV Easy Service

  1. Navigate your web browser to dstv.com and select your country. In some cases, the site will detect your location automatically.
  2. Sign in to your account with your Mobile Number or Surname and enter your SmartCard Number.
  3. Next click on “Fix Errors” displayed on your screen.
  4. Then enter your SmartCard number in the dialogue box that will be provided for you.
  5. Select the error code that your decoder is displaying from the available options given to you.
  6. Complete the provided captcha.
  7. Finally, click on “Fix Error.”

After doing this, the error will disappear immediately, and all channels will appear.

Reset Via Flash Erase RESET 8118 on DSTV

To flash eRESETse 8118 on the DSTV decoder is an easy task, the steps will be explained below.

  1. On your DSTV decoder, press both “Reset” and the “Standby” button at the same time. You will find this button in the front of your decoder.
  2. After pressing, “dL” will show up on your DSTV decoder display panel.
  3. Once you see the dL, press and hold down the TV/Audio button with the P+ button, hold both buttons at the same time.
  4. Continue holding the two buttons until it shows “done.

Once it shows done, that means that your DSTV decoder is reset successfully.

Reset Decoder Using Manual Upgrade RESET

Just like every other process, this process is also stRESETightforward. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Press both the “Standby” button and the “Reset” button at the same time.
  2. The word“dL” will show on the decoder.
  3. After the letter (dL) displays, immediately press Standby, P+, P-, Standby in quick succession, one after the other. You will have to press the buttons as fast as possible.

Reset decoder via USSD code

  1. Dial *288*2# on your mobile phone, and select 1 for DStv users
  2. Next, enter your DStv smartcard number and your surname to verify your account
  3. You will next have to select the option that says fix errors
  4. Finally, select the option for “E16 error” and confirm the operation.

Is as simple as that.

Were you able to reset your DStv decoder using any of the methods above?

All the methods explaind here are easy, all methods have been tested and working actively. Choose any of the method and let’s hear your opinion via the comment section below.



  1. Hello, I am Okunlola Modupeola. I recharched my HOD DSTV since Saturday April 10, 2021 for 4,615 (DSTV confirm) and up till now, we have not been able to watch any channel. The details of the decoder is as follows: Name- HOD Economics; Decoder Number- 1017261699. I have tried so many time to resolve the issue with *288*2 without success, all the customer care numbers I have been trying were not going through. Please, kindly help me to use your good office to resolve this issue as soon as possible


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