List of Kids and Cartoon Channels on DStv & GOtv


Children’s entertainment has taken a remarkable turn with the advent of satellite television.

Platforms like DStv and GOtv offer a plethora of options when it comes to kids’ and cartoon channels.

These channels cater to the diverse interests of young viewers, providing them with engaging content that is both educational and entertaining.

Let’s explore the colorful world of kids and cartoon channels available on DStv and GOtv.

In an era where technology plays a significant role in children’s lives, satellite TV has revolutionized the way kids consume entertainment.

DStv and GOtv offer an array of dedicated kids’ and cartoon channels that provide a safe and enriching viewing experience for children of all ages.

Why Choose Satellite TV for Kids?

Satellite TV platforms like DStv and GOtv are well-known for curating content that is not only entertaining but also age-appropriate and educational.

Parents can rest assured that their children are exposed to content that aligns with their developmental stages.

DStv Kids and Cartoon Channels

  • Disney (Channel 303)
  • NickJr (Channel 307)
  • NickTOONS (Channel 308)
  • ZooMoo (Channel 314)
  • Boomerang (Channel 302)
  • Cartoon Network (Channel 301)
  • Da Vinci Kids (Channel 318)
  • Cbeebies (Channel 306)
  • Disney Junior (Channel 309)
  • Nickelodeon (Channel 305)
  • PBS Kids (Channel 313)
  • Jim Jam (Channel 310)
  • Mindset (Channel 319)

GOtv Kids and Cartoon channels

  • JimJam (Channel 80)
  • Nick Junior (Channel 81)
  • Disney Junior (Channel 82)
  • PBS Kids (Channel 84)
  • Moonbug (Channel 85)
  • Nick Toons (Channel 86)
  • Nickelodeon (Channel 87)
  • Cartoon Network (Channel 89)
  • Disney Channel (Channel 92)

Parental Control and Safety

DStv and GOtv provide parental control features, allowing parents to monitor and restrict their children’s viewing to ensure a safe and supervised TV experience.

Local vs. International Kids Programs

Satellite TV offers a mix of local and international programs, allowing children to appreciate their own culture while being exposed to the wider world.

Streaming Services for Kids’ Content

In addition to traditional TV, streaming services provided by DStv and GOtv offer on-demand access to a wide range of kids’ content, giving children more viewing options.


In the colorful universe of kids and cartoon channels on DStv and GOtv, children find a blend of entertainment, education, and imagination.

These channels create a safe space where children can explore, learn, and laugh, shaping their worldviews and nurturing their dreams.



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