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How to Block ATM Card and Account for All Banks in Nigeria

Learn how to block your ATM Card and bank account for all banks in Nigeria.

This step of this is very important and needs to bookmark, you can’t tell when you or a friend may need it.

ATM simplifies access to your money, havings an ATM Card linked to your bank account means you have access to your money, anywhere you go.

All you need is to locate an automated teller machine (ATM) and make your withdrawal. In absence of any ATM around, you can go to a POS agent to also make a withdrawal.

Now, what happens if you misplace your ATM card or it got stolen?

We understand the importance of the ATM, giving you adequate flexibility to your fund in the bank. But if it gets stolen it can be used to steal your fund in the bank.

You may ask why? That ATM card needs a pin to access it.

Yes, but a PIN is just 4 digit code, with an intelligent guess one can get it right. Most of us make use of code we won’t easily forget as our PIN.

A lot of people use their date of birth or the last digit of their phone number.

Aside from that, one can be put under duress just for them to provide their PIN.

There are also cases where money is withdrawn by a third-party payment gateway without necessarily requesting for the PIN.

So the best you can do is to take precautions and stay on the safe side.

Some banks provide codes that you can use to easily block your ATM card and bank account from transferring and withdrawing money.

Blocking an ATM card automatically renders the card useless.

The card will be rejected if it is inserted into any automated teller machine, you will have to request for a new ATM card even if you later recover your ATM card.

What to do Immediately if You Lose Your ATM Card in Nigeria

After explaining this, I will list the contact the direct contact details and social media handles of all banks in Nigeria for immediate communication.

1. Dial the Account or ATM Card Block USSD Code

Congratulations if your bank provides you with a code that can be used to block your account or/and ATM card.

Not all banks have this feature, but for the few that have it, all you need to get a mobile and dial the code your bank provides.

You will be asked to enter your account number, then you will be asked to enter the phone number that is linked to the account. If everything is correctly provided your bank account will be locked and every ATM linked to it will be invalid.

If this is done, your account will still be able to receive deposits, but every form of withdrawal or transfer will be restricted.

2. Contact your bank immediately

Below this post, I will list the contact information of all the banks in Nigeria which you can call for the immediate blocking of accounts.

If you lose your phone during banking hours, and your bank is not far from your location you can choose to walk into the banking hall and tell them what happened, they will know the best step to take in other to protect your account from any unauthorized transaction.

3. Transfer all funds from your account

If you are still skeptical after taking the first and second steps, to get your mind to relax, you can choose to transfer all the money in the account into another account.

Note this can be done if you have already blocked your account.

4. Apply for a New ATM Card

Obviously, 2 ATM cards can’t exist on the same account. By requestion for another ATM, you have permanently blocked the previous one.

Contact Details of all Banks to Block ATM Card

1. Access Bank

Access Bank contact details to block Access Bank ATM card

2. Ecobank

How to block Ecobank ATM card

Use Ecobank SMS Banking: You can Stop ATM card transactions by sending Stop ATM then enter your account number to 08063262265 via SMS.

Ecobank contact details to block Ecobank ATM card.

3. Fidelity Bank

Contact Fidelity Bank with any of the contact detail below to block their ATM card

4. First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

How to block FCMB ATM card

5. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

Contact Guaranty Trust Bank to block GTBank ATM card

6. Enterprise Bank

How to block Enterprise Bank ATM card

7. First Bank

How to block First Bank ATM card

8. Heritage Bank

How to block Heritage Bank ATM card

9. Jaiz Bank

How to block Jaiz Bank ATM card

10. Keystone Bank

How to block Keystone Bank ATM card

11. Stanbic IBTC Bank

How to block Stanbic IBTC ATM card

12. Polaris Bank

How to block Polaris Bank ATM card

13. Sterling Bank

How to block Sterling Bank ATM card

14. Union Bank

How to block Union Bank ATM card

15. Unity Bank

How to block Unity Bank ATM card

16. United Bank Of Africa (UBA)

How to block UBA ATM card

17. Wema Bank

How to block Wema Bank ATM card

18. Zenith Bank

How to block Zenith Bank ATM card


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