Top 40 Nigeria Newspapers Website For Latest News In Nigeria

Nigerian Newspapers

This article contains the complete list of all Nigeria Newspapers websites, to keep you updated with the latest news and breaking news across the globe.

Do you want to stay updated with the latest happenings in Nigeria and other parts of the world?

You don’t have to spend your money on buying newspapers all the time. All national newspaper here in Nigeria has an online platform where people can go to get the latest information and breaking news. Same you will find in their dailies.

There is no stress around it; you can easily view this website on your mobile any time of the day.

Don’t think reading newspapers online will affect the company.

Most newspapers companies are now into online business. If you take a look at their website, you will find out that they are well monetized.

It means that whether you buy the newspaper from a vendor or read the news online, the company will still make a good profit.

Below is the list of all newspaper firms in Nigeria with their website where you read their news anytime any day free of charge.

List Of Nigerian Newspapers And Their Websites

1 Daily Independence
2 Guardian
3 National Mirror
4 Ngex
5 Nigerian Voice
6 PM News
7 Punch
8 Lagos State Government News
9 Sun
10 Tell
11 This Day
12 Vanguard
13 Voice of Nigeria
14 News Watch
15 Next
16 Daily Champion
17 Daily Times
18 The Nation
19 Business Day
20 Business World
21 Business Hallmark
22 Eagle Reporters
23 Government News
24 NAN
25 Nigeria WebMaster
26 The Times of Nigeria
27 Daily Trust
28 Leadership
29 Peoples Daily
30 Premium Times
31 Blueprint Newspaper
32 The Nigerian Observer
33 The Advocate
34 Osun Defender
35 Nigerian Tribune
36 The News Journal
37 National Network
38 Compass Newspaper
39 Daily Times
40 Daily Triumph


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