Top 50 News Blogs And News Websites In Nigeria

News Blogs

This article contains the list of the best fifty news websites, blogs, portals, and forums in Nigeria that gives the latest information and breaking news.

Information and communication technology is taking the world into a better world.

I can remember way back when we need to buy a newspaper on a daily basis to be current with things going on around the world.

Those days when we have to sit in front of the television set to listen to the news. Those days when our radio is always around us because that’s the best way we can stay informed.

But today time has changed, it’s was just some years back, but the future we were craving for then is right in front of us. Some believe that we are currently living in the present.

Sounds amazing right! Yes, because it is just too good to be true.

The web technology that has changed lots of things in today’s world is called the Internet.

Internet technology is a breakthrough wonder to mankind. Only those who saw a world without the internet will understand the great fruit the world had produced.

Now, with our smartphones, all we need to do is turn our internet data on, open our web browser and visit any websites of our choice.

Is that not amazing!…

With our internet, we now have information in our pockets. For those who have their computer, it is also as easy as connecting it to the internet.

To cut the whole story short. Almost all the newspaper paper companies in Nigeria now have a website. This means buying newspapers may sound like a waste of money to many Nigerian since the news will be posted online.

Also, with the introduction of Internet-based business, so many people now sort for News to post in their blogs.

On the third hand, we have radio and TV News stations posting the latest News on their website.

All this means that you have access to unlimited news anytime, anywhere.

Based on these, I will give you a list of the best News websites to keep you updated with things happening around Nigeria and the world in general.

Please note that listed websites are not in accordance with importance or ranking.

Top 50 News Websites & Blogs In Nigeria

  1. Vanguard Newspaper –
  2. This Day Newspaper –
  3. Nation Newspaper –
  4. Punch Newspaper –
  5. Daily Trust –
  6. Nigerian Tribune –
  7. National Daily –
  8. Channels Television –
  9. Guardian Newspaper  –
  10. Sahara Reporters –
  11.  Daily Post –
  12. Leadership Nigeria –
  13. Legit (Former –
  14. Sun Newspaper  –
  15. PM News –
  16. Premium Times –
  17. Daily Independent –
  18. Osun Defender –
  19. Nigerian Pilot –
  20. Daily Times –
  21. National Mirror –
  22. Nairaland –
  23. Business Day News –
  24. Complete Sports –
  25. Nigeria World –
  26. The Advocate –
  27. Nigerian Observer –
  28. People’s Daily –
  29. Champion News –
  30. Business News –
  31. PM News –
  32. The Compass –
  33. Daily News Watch –
  34. Abuja Inquirer –
  35. Daily Post Nigeria – daily
  36. Weekly Trust –
  37. Blueprint –
  38. The Tide –
  39. Urhobo Voice –
  40. Nigeria 24 News –
  41. Sunday Trust –
  42. Africa Punch –
  43. Tell –
  44. Times of Nigeria –
  45. Imo Trumpeta –
  46. National Accord –
  47. Network Africa –
  48. Nigerian News –
  49. Triumph News –
  50. Abuja Voice –


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