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30 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier.

The internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century; it has made it easier to access information that can be beneficial for everyday use.

It’s very hard for a civilized person to stay a day without accessing the internet.

Over the internet, meetings are held, information is accessed, lectures are taken, communication is done between and among people, and even games are played on the internet.

That’s not all, with the internet we can have access to most of our banking activities, in just a few clicks.

Almost everything in the world today is surrounded around the internet. With the internet, one can have access to information in the convenience of their home. All that is required is to know the right website to visit.

Speaking about the right website, it is also good to know that there are several websites out the that perpetrate criminal activities. If always know the right URL of any website you want to visit.

Aside from knowing the right website, the search engines are there to direct you to the websites that have quality information.

We know that there are numerous websites out there on the World Wide Web. Some of them are useful; some are not. It is challenging to know every one of them.

Listed below are 15 incredibly useful sites that I find really helpful, even though they are not as famous as some of the other big names on the internet.

1. Fax Zero


This website allows you to send faxes to the USA and Canada for free. You can also use it to send faxes to other countries outside the shores of North America at a fixed pay-per-use cost.

2. Stickk

Stickk is a very excellent website for people who find it difficult to stick to set goals by helping them reach the set goals. The site makes use of commitment contracts to empower individuals for a better lifestyle.

3. Boxoh

A very useful tool for online shoppers, Boxoh can track the status of any shipment package on Google maps.

4. Trello

Trello is an online tool that can be used to organize almost anything, making use of its unique Kanban-style cards. It is a simple & free tool that can be used for Task and Project Management.

5. Instructables


This website provides instructions to help you build just about anything you can think of. It is a platform for people to explore, document, and share their creations.

6. Tripit

Tripit provides a stress-free way to organize all your travel or vacation plans. Can’t remember your flight time? Can’t find the e-mail with your hotel’s address? Tripit bridges that gap by keeping your itinerary in one place.

7. Hostel Bookers

This is one of the best search engines to search for cheap hotels and hostels while backpacking or trotting the globe.

8. Fitday

Fitday is incredibly useful to weight watchers; it enables you to track your diet and weight loss through its journal. The website has also got a personal dietician; loads of free articles on nutrition and weight loss are a bonus.

9. BugMeNot

If you are being bugged constantly to sign up for websites, even when you don’t want to share your email? If so, BugMeNot is perfect for you. You don’t have to create new logins everytime, BugMeNot already has shared logins on thousands of websites that can make use of.

10. Fuelly

This website enables you to track the gas mileage of your car and helps to analyze, share, and compare your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

11. Kiva

Kiva is a finance-based website that attempts to leverage and worldwide distribution of micro-finance institutions. It connects lenders to people in need.

12. Songkick

This website allows users to track their favorite bands and get concert alerts.

13. Memrise

Learn languages and vocab with space repetitions.

14. Get Notify

This website enables you to track if the emails you sent were opened and read by their receiver. It also provides the recipient’s IP address, browser details, and more.

15. Zero Dollar Movies

Zero Dollar provides a collection of over 15,000 movies in multiple languages you can watch for free. One good thing about it is that it indexes only full-length films, no partial uploads, or trailers.

16. Livestream


Livestream allows you to watch and broadcast live events to viewers on numerous platforms.

17. Privnote

This site can be used to write Notes to someone, the note will destroy itself once it has been read.

18. Mathway

To solve any kind of math equation you want online without stress.

19. Coffitivity

If you are feeling alone at home, this web application will help you get free murmur sounds which will make you feel the presence of people around you.

20. Deadmansswitch

This will send emails when you are dead. The site sends you emails at intervals of 2 months or monthly depending on how you set it. It asks for your confirmation if you are alive. If it doesn’t get a response, it will send an email to the person(s) you have selected.

21. Smallpdf

This will help you to settle all your PDF needs. The free version is already sufficient with lots of features.

22. PrintFriendly


With this, you can print any web page in a print-friendly format.

23. Duolingo

You can use duolingo.com to learn new languages free of charge. Not just that, it will help you learn it in an interesting way.

24. Ohdontforget

Use for reminder scheduling on your Phone

25. Futureme

This is used to write yourself a future email. Future emails can also act as reminders.

26. SimplyNoise

Have sleeping challenges? This site offers plain sounds that will help you sleep.

27. Coursera

Get free online courses to help build your career.

28. Codecademy

If you’re interested in coding, Codecademy will help you learn coding for free.

29. Midomi

It helps to remember the name of a song, just by getting a few lines from it.

30. PixaBay

To get copyright-free images for free.

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