How To Best Secure Password Using Special Characters

Secure Password

This article explains how to develop a solid password and listed out special characters which can be added to a password to make it hack-proof.

Password special characters are selected punctuation characters that are present on standard US keyboard and frequently used in passwords.

Over the years, the internet has been facing issues with hackers penetrating several online accounts which have been secured with a password.

On basics, we were told that a password should be something easy for us to remember but hard for another person.

That teaching has now have been defeated — so many developed software which can guess thousands of passwords in less than a minute.

The best password is that that will be very hard for both human and machine to guess. The only way to get such password is by adding at least a special character in the password string.

After making the password very difficult, you may have to write it down in a hidden place just in case if you forget your created strong password.

On the table below is the list of special characters that can be added to a password.

Password Special Characters Name (Meaning)
 ! Exclamation
Double quote
# The number sign (hash)
$ Dollar sign
 % Percent
& Ampersand
Single quote
( Left parenthesis
) Right parenthesis
* Asterisk
+ Plus
, Comma
. Full stop
/ Slash
 : Colon
 ; Semicolon
< Less than
= Equal sign
> Greater than
 ? Question mark
@ At sign
[ Left bracket
\ Backslash
] Right bracket
^ Caret
_ Underscore
` Grave accent (backtick)
{ Left brace
| Vertical bar
} Right brace
~ Tilde

Example of Strong Passwords

  • d3=EN=TQ9jdx&%xe
  • aZ@9F-JkzFBu33J3
  • GR8/<4(KgYxF,8[‘
  • CE$wNL*Ba^-vQ9y5
  • Aa+J_5S@4s9tkcz?

The passwords above are 100% hack-Proof. To create such a password may be a little bit difficult. You may want to use a password generator tool. Below is the list of some free online password generator.

Free Online Password Generator Tools



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