Difference Between Apple, iPhone And iOS


I know most of you already know the difference between Apple, iPhone, and iOS. People who understand this are mainly those who are very familiar with Apple products.

Most people in the part of the world where they can hardly afford a device with an Apple Symbol are still a bit confused. They end up misusing and interchanging all terms linked to the Apple device.

Now, for the sake of those who don’t know – let’s clear the confusion.

What is Apple?

Apple is an American technology company, iPhone and iOS are among their products.

This is not the apple we eat – forget the fact it has an apple symbol.

The Apple company has its headquarter in California, United States. Apple designs, develop, and sell electronics, software, and online services.

Their hardware products include iPhone (smartphone), iPad (tablet), Mac PC (Computer), iPod (portable media player), Apple Watch (smartwatch), Apple TV, and HomePod (smart speaker)

Apple’s Software includes; macOS, iOS, iTunes, Safari browser, and many more.

You may want to see the full list of Apple products and services.

What is an iPhone?

iPhone is a smartphone produced by Apple Inc; the iPhone combines a computer, digital camera, and cellular into one device which has a touchscreen interface.

The iPhone runs the iOS operating system, and the phone is known to be of high quality with unique security features.

If you are looking for a smartphone that can secure your information, then you should start thinking of buying an iPhone.

What is iOS?

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple; it runs on Apple’s mobile devices. It was formally called as iPhone OS.

It is the iOS operating system that allows you to interact with your Apple iPhone and iPad. IOS is the first thing you will see when you power up your iPhone.

There have been lots of arguments pertaining the Android and iOS, so many people are asking which is better.

We have sent a bulk mail to all of our subscribers to tell us what they think about both operating systems.

When we get enough feedback, we shall generalize everyone’s points of view and update this post. You can join the conversation by using the comment box.


In summary, Apple is the company that creates and sells various consumer electronics, including the iPhone.

The iPhone is a specific smartphone model produced by the Apple company.

While iOS is the operating system (OS) developed by Apple specifically for their mobile devices, including such as the iPhone.



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