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How To Get Traffic From High CPC Countries – International Targeting

In this article, I will explain to you the best way to get more traffic from countries with high CPC in other to maximize your Google AdSense earnings over time.

Why waste your time blogging for less when you can put some effort and earn more.

In one of our previous posts, we have the list of top countries with the highest CPC. Although the CPC varies from time to time depending on the AdSense advertisers, among the top countries over the years, you will likely find countries from the list below in the last of the first 20.

Countries With the Highest CPC

So many bloggers and online content writers earn a living online. The best way they can earn more money is by targeting any of the countries listed below.

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Finland

Now that you are aware of the countries with high cost-per-click (CPC). Next is how to target your website or blog to any of these countries – to enable you to start earning fat on AdSense.

How to Target High CPC Countries

First and foremost, before you think of targeting a particular country, group of countries, or a particular region. You must be sure that the information on your website is vital to them.

For instance, a Nigerian blogger whose blog is mainly on information relating to Nigeria has no need to try to target other countries.

The reason because their blog has no information to offer there. If they end up trying, they will not have a good audience and may even lose their audience strength in Nigeria.

Before you think of targeting another country, be sure that the information you have on your blog will be valuable to them.

1. Target high CPC countries using Google Console

The Google Console or Google Webmaster is a free service from Google that helps you to manage your site’s presence in other to rank better on Google Search Result Page (SERP).

The Google console comes with lots of features such as; adding a sitemap, analytics, crawling rate & errors, Indexing, international targeting, and many more.

The feature webmasters can use to attract traffic from a particular country is “International Targeting“. But before this, you must first add your site as property and verify it.

After verified, click on the International targeting link which is located on the console navigation, then select your preferred country and save. Any country you choose is the country you will be targeting – the place you are expecting most of your site visitors from.

Google gives the privilege to choose only one country in the international targeting feature. Remember, as I said earlier, make sure you have sufficient information for the country you are choosing.

2. Get traffic from high CPC countries using backlinks

If you have a good idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you must have known how vital backlinks are to improve the ranking of websites.

Backlinks may not really have a strong impact else it is coming from an authority domain.

To get more traffic from high CPC countries using backlinks, all you have to do is get do-follow backlinks from high authority domains with strong visitors in those countries with high CPC.

There is no limit to the number of backlinks you can have. The higher the backlinks to better. But make sure you don’t get backlinks using blackhat techniques.

If Google catches you in this activity, you may get penalized and lose everything. Be warned.

3. Targeting a particular country with TLDs

Am sure you must have seen Top Level Domains (TDLs) with extension like; .ng, .us, .fr, .gh, .es e.t.c.

Please note that;

  • .ng is targeting Nigeria
  • .us is targeting the United States
  • .fr is targeting France
  • .gh is targeting Ghana
  • .es is targeting Spain

You can choose to target any country of your choice using the TDL of a country that has a high CPC.

If you are using a country TDL, on your Google console, the international targeting feature will not be available because your domain has already specified your target country.

Another good thing with country TDL is that you can create different versions of your site targeting many counties.

If you are creating different versions of your site targeting individual countries beware of duplicate content, as it will be seen as plagiarized content.


This post tries to give the best ways to get traffic from specific countries, which will help you to maximize your AdSense earnings on a CPC basis.

One of the keys to increasing web traffic is to have a lot of high-quality interesting content.

Having this will keep your users active on your site, increase sharing of your contents via several social mediums, and above brings more devoted readers to your website from all parts of the world.


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