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How to Guest Post and the Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posting also known as Guest blogging is an off-page SEO technique of writing articles on other blogs by securing a link back to your website (blog) hoping to gain more awareness and fresh readers to your blog.

Guest posting is an important technique you must consider if you really need traffic as it is one of the best ways to attract targeted traffic and get new readers.

Guest blogging is not common in Nigeria because many bloggers see it as a way of giving their readers out for free but it is not!

As the host blogger, you will benefit from the deal too.

Writing guest posts nowadays is regarded as an outdated blogging technique because it seems useless writing for other bloggers.

Why write for other bloggers when your own blog does not have enough content on your own blog? This is the question lots of people are asking.

If you know how to play your games both the host blogger and the guest poster will benefit from the deal.

The rate at which bloggers reject guest posts nowadays is alarming. Even bloggers that allow guest posts place strict rules on them and also “nofollow” the links.

Make sure you ask the host blogger if he or she will no-follow or do-follow your links and if he/she insists on no-follow then I will suggest you back- off.

When you guest post, make sure the host blog traffic and the audience are larger than yours.

Don’t guest post on blogs with an audience lesser than yours because you won’t gain from the bargain except that you will get traffic, you should try and find blogs with a larger audience than yours.

Entertainment bloggers always ask me if they can engage in guest posts too since they don’t write lengthy posts and their news are everywhere, the answer is yes!

As an entertainment blogger so what do they want to guest post?.

As an entertainment blogger, it is not every time you write posts of 50 words, there are certain posts you can write that will sum up to 1000 words or more.

For example, in your blog about celebrity gist, you can develop points on “10 rappers Drake should feature in 2022”, “10 reasons why Justin Bieber is the best songwriter in 20123”.

Lengthy posts are not restricted to some particular niches, you can develop lengthy posts on all blogging niches.

You can read the following post below to guide you on choosing a profitable and untapped niches;

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Differences between guest posts and sponsored posts?

Guest Post | sponsored Post

  • The major difference is that guest posts should be free while sponsored posts are paid for.
  • You won’t have the chance to recommend your products with the guest posts but you will be able to do so through sponsored posts

These are the things you must put into action if you want your post to get published on blogs you want to guest post on:

  • Make sure you don’t spam the blog with your links( Two links are okay)
  • Write lengthy articles
  • Put images in your post
  • Check if they have similar content before and if they do please don’t write on it again because it will not be approved
  • Write on something that will engage the host readers not off-topic that is different from the host blog niche
  • Write original articles not copy and paste
  • Make sure your post is readable and explanatory by using proper headings with good grammar
  • Avoid keywords stuffing
  • Don’t even try and sell products because it will not be approved

This is how to guest post

The first thing is to get the blog you want to guest post on and this step is very simple:

  1. Go to Google.com >> In the search text area enter your niche + Guest posting e.g. Fashion + Guest post.
  2. When you get the blog of your choice, it must have a page where you can automatically submit guest posts, if they don’t have one, you can manually contact them by getting their contact page, informing them that you will want to submit guest posts, follow the steps they give you and all will be well.

Benefits of guest posts?

When you guest post, you can catch 8 birds with one stone, these are the benefits you get from guest posting :

1. Traffic

The greatest benefit you will get from guest blogging or guest posting is traffic. If you are looking for a fast way to get traffic to your blog that works in hours then guest blogging is what you should consider.

If readers like your post, they will definitely want to know where the awesome article is coming from hence; they will click the link and eventually be one of your readers.

Some blogs allow a maximum of two links so you will need to be very careful when choosing the place to put the link.

I will suggest that you put one link between the content and one at the end of the post, the one between the post should be a “call to action to one of your posts.”

2. Popularity

We all want our blog to be popular and we also want our names to be heard all over the world like syed balkhi, peter cashmore, and the likes.

Guest posting is the best way to gain popularity as a blogger and make your own brand name.

Typical characteristics of a popular blog is when they see its links on other top-ranked websites.

Even as a blogger guest posting will give you the popularity you need, Successful bloggers like Harsh Agrawal started this way and it is really working for them now that they don’t need to guest blog again.

3. Improving your SEO ranking through Backlinks

To get our content on Google’s first page and the first spot exactly is what all bloggers dream of and one of the best ways to achieve this is by guest blogging.

Guest blogging improves your SEO ranking through backlinks, when you have a backlink on a giant blog like Techcrunch it tells Google that you are being endorsed by TechCrunch and that your blog can be trusted.

This will increase your SEO ranking since Techcrunch is a bigger blog than you and that is why you should be careful about the blogs you link to.

When you link to blogs with adult content, Google believes there is every possibility you do the same thing on your blog.

4. Increase PageRank

What is PageRank? Pagerank is an algorithm used by Google to search to rank websites in their search engine results and it was named after Larry Page (Google co-founder).

It is used in determining the importance of a page by checking the number of other pages that link to it.

Pagerank can only increase when you have many backlinks on other blogs and that is why giant websites like Nairaland, Quora.com, and Facebook.com will always top the search on search engines.

This is possible because of the high page ranks and other SEO techniques they follow. When you guest post on several blogs, your PageRank will increase rapidly.

5. Build a relationship with your fellow bloggers

Building a strong relationship with fellow bloggers in your niche is very important and Guest posting is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Bloggers don’t really like this, I once asked an entertainment blogger and the answer he gave me was that fellow bloggers will steal his blog and destroy the relationship when the time comes.

I laughed! You have to know the type of bloggers you build relationships with and make sure you don’t share your blog password and other crucial details with them.

Information like how much you earn, don’t let the relationship exceed exchanging guest posts, how they make their money blogging, what they write about, and also comment on each other blogs.

When you notice you are being cheated on and the relationship is no longer straightforward please don’t hesitate to break the relationship.

6. Get new readers and gain more audience

Do you have a few readers on your blog and do you hope to add more?

Guest posting may solve part of your problems, you can get new readers from the host blog if you play your part by writing lengthy and explanatory posts that engage your readers.

You must also find a way to praise and encourage your host blog, as it is not easy for any blogger to recommend their readers to you for free in exchange for an article.

This is why we advise any blog willing to guest post on other blogs to have a guest post on their blog, guest blogging on other blogs without accepting guest posts on your blog is fair!

When their readers comment on the guest post you made, make sure you provide the best solution you can and make sure you don’t recommend your blog to them unless the host blogger permits you to do this as it will irritate him or her.

7. Improve your writing skills

An adage says “we learn to speak by speaking”, the same thing applies to writing as we learn to write by writing also.

Writing on your blogs alone can’t give you the courage and boldness enough, if you are exposed to new readers the comments you will get there will make you get better and better.

8. Trust and reliability

When I was talking about PageRank above, I made mention of trust right?

When you question other blogs the more trust you get especially if your blog deals with businesses where visitors buy products from you or you sell products to them.

Only a few will buy products from someone with a low audience and popularity.

You need to build your trust and reliability by guest posting on other blogs, your visitors will be happy and proud of your blog when they see you on other blogs too.

Conclusion on guest posting

We’ve talked about how to guest post and the benefits of guest posting in this article and we really hope you enjoyed reading it!

When you guest blog makes sure you choose topics that readers of the host blog will be interested in as this will boost your chances of approval and engage their readers.

We wish you success as you start your journey with guest blogging! If you encounter new things in guest blogging, don’t hesitate to comment it via this post comment box.

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