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8 eCommerce Sites that Sells at a Cheap Price in Nigeria

This article listed the ten best and cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria, to purchase your goods at a cheap price.

Online Store and e-commerce has come to stay in Nigeria. Before the first online business in Nigeria became functional, to make purchases, you will have to go to the market or send someone to do it for you.

With an online store, you make your choices of goods online and choose your payment platform – if to pay online or on delivery.

Lots of online shops and e-commerce in Nigeria today provide door-to-door delivery service at almost no cost.

What this means is that you make your orders online and what you ordered will be delivered to your doorstep.

You no longer need a maid or a house help that you will keep paying to go and make the wrong choice in price and type of commodities in the market.

Most of the e-commerce that exists in Nigeria provides a nationwide delivery within a couple of days.

If your location is not within their route, then your goods will be waiting for you in a pickup center closest to you.

Unlike the armchair market where one can actually negotiate a product in several shops to get the cheapest. In an online store, negotiation is based on full-time availability, which you may not get all the time.

But some online stores are known to have a reduced price on their products.

Although there have been lots of strong arguments on the relationship between price and quality.

Some people believe that “the higher the price, the higher the quality” and the “lower the quality the lower the price”. It may be true, but not all products with a high price tag of high quality. There are also some highly-priced low-quality products.

Therefore we will conclude that the price is not the only standardized test of quality.

We have investigated and compared the prices of several online stores in Nigeria. In no orderly manner, we bring the list of top e-commerce and shopping websites with low prices on sales in Nigeria.

Best Online Stores In Nigeria

1. Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is the largest e-commerce in Nigeria. They have the widest customer base nationwide. Products sold on Jumia vary in price.

Jumia an eCommerce Sites That Sells At A Cheap Price

As an e-commerce site, they allow sellers of products available on their categories to register once they meet their requirements.

If the seller is accepted, then they can put up their products with their unique prices.

This concept brings about healthy competition within the framework. If you always shop on Jumia, you may have discovered the price of the same products most times are relatively different.

When a customer orders a particular product, it will be the responsibility of Jumia to get the produce from the dealer and deliver it.

This competition within the Jumia umbrella is what makes products of Jumia relatively cheap, and that is the reason they are first on our list.

On Jumia’s product categories are unlimited product types ranging from – Electronics, Mobile Phones, Computers, all kinds of wear, Cosmetics, books, toys, and many more.

Visit their website – www.jumia.com.ng.

2. Konga

Konga.com is another highly rated e-commerce in Nigeria. Its operations are very similar to that of Jumia. Their products are affordable with flexible payment options.

This online store is very reliable; it will be great if you can give them a trial. Konga product categories include; Mobile Phones, Electronics, Wears, Kitchen Utensils, Household Items, and many more.


SLOT is one of the biggest offline mobile phone dealers in Nigeria with an online presence. They are the normal SLOT stores we see around that cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets.

As long mobile phones are concerned, SLOT is the leading. With SLOT all you can get is the best in terms of quality and cheapest. Check out their website at www.slot.com.

4. Kara

Kara has been in the Nigerian online store business for some years now. They always run sales promos from time to time.

Kara is known for affordable and awesome deals; they have been independent in the eCommerce business for a long time now.

They know how to treat their clients well with respect.

Kara is a reliable online store that deals in various kinds of products ranging from; phones, electronics, household appliances, fashion products, among others. Visit their website, www.Kara.com.ng.

5. Jiji.ng

The Jiji platform is also a classified site. It is a place where people display items they are willing to sell and put a price tag on them.

It is quite different from regular online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga.

You should be very careful trading here because there may be some fraudulent users that may in many ways want to scam people. But talking about cheap goods – Jiji is the King.

It is the Jiji registered users that advertise things they want to sell with a price tag on them. Their website is www.jiji.ng.

6. Webmall Nigeria

Webmall is one of the top online stores in the Nigerian online shopping marketplace. They deal in a wide range of products categories in an arranged manner.

They have had a high reputation in the online shopping market for some years now.

Their products range from; smartphones, home, and office appliances, technological gadgets, fitness kits, and fashion accessories. Check them out – www.webmallng.com.

7. SuperMart

What you will love most about supermart is their friendly website – it is effortless to shop there. They trade on almost all types of home products you can think of especially consumables.

The prices of their products are on the low side and cheaper than that of most offline supermarkets.

You will also love them for their quick delivery; they deliver in just a few hours within Lagos. They also have physical stores; you can walk into – in many areas in Lagos, Nigeria.

It is believed that when you make an order, it will be delivered by their store closest to your location. Visit www.supermart.ng.

8. Kilimall

Kilimall is also among the big online stores with some branches outside Nigeria.

They are a well-trusted online platform you can rely on to shop from in Nigeria. They allow their customers to pay using diverse safe and secured online payment methods.

Their products are arranged in categories for smooth and secure shopping. Their prices are relatively low. They deal in; fashion products, Electronics, Healthcare, Babies, stationery, and books. And so on.


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