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USSD Code to Check Keystone Bank Balance and Account Number

Are you tired of going to the bank every time to get your account balance?

Keystone Bank Transfer USSD Code: transactions have been made easy for keystone bank Account holders in Nigeria. This is made possible with the help of the Keystone Bank transfer code.

As a result, one can transfer money from Keystone Bank to other banks just with the utilization of this transfer code.

Therefore, for you to use this code, you must have an account with the Bank.

If you already have an account with them, good, all you need do is to use the mobile number you used in generating your account to perform the transaction.

We see people coming to the bank to ask the bank for their account number. Why waste your precious time and make life difficult for you?

Keystone Bank has a unique USSD code that its customers can use to perform lots of banking services without the need of going to the bank.

The incredible thing is the code doesn’t require an internet connection to execute as long as there is a mobile network uninstalling good to go.

Keystone Bank customers have been so grateful to the use of this code,  especially those in remote areas and those who can not afford internet data subscriptions.

How To Check Keystone Bank Balance

With the USSD code, it is straightforward to check the Keystone bank account balance. To do this, follow the step below.

  • Dial: *7111*1#

Only *7111*1# is what is required. But the code must be dialed from the mobile number that is linked to your Keystone Bank account.

How To Check Keystone Bank Number

No code is currently available to check the Keystone Bank account number. But you can download and install their mobile app on your phone to be able to check it all the time free of charge.

The code is not meant for only checking your keystone bank balance. So many other things can be done with it.

The code can also be used for buying airtime directly from your bank account credit. The airtime can be loaded either on your phone number or your friend’s phone number.

Again with the same code, a user can transfer money from his/her Keystone bank account to another Keystone Bank in less than a minute.

It also supports transferring money to other banks in Nigeria.

How To Transfer Money With Keystone Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code

For you to use Keystone Bank Money Transfer Code on phone, as said earlier, you must have registered your number for mobile money transfer.

Hence, to transfer money from Keystone Bank Account to other Banks in Nigeria, Simply Dial *7111*1# on your phone and Follow the instruction.

How To Buy Airtime From Keystone Bank With Phone

To buy airtime from your Keystone Bank Account, simply dial *7111*Amount #.

Here, the least amount of airtime you can purchase from Keystone bank with this method is N100 while the highest is N10000.

Hence, if you want to buy N100 airtime from Keystone Bank, dial

*7111*100 # then send. Once this is done, the money will be instantly deducted from your Keystone Bank account.
Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time.


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