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How to Check Fidelity Bank Balance And Account Number

This article contains information on how Fidelity Bank Customers can check their account balance and account, making use of the USSD code.

Fidelity is no doubt a great bank in Nigeria with outstanding banking services. The bank is first when it comes to innovation and technology.

It is difficult to see a Fidelity Bank customer who is not satisfied with the bank services.

If you are looking for a bank that will respect you and treat you like a king, then this bank should be on your lips.

With this bank, you can’t get stranded to get information about your bank account because there are options which one can use to get information about their bank account.

The USSD banking of Fidelity Bank is impressive and people have been craving it. With the USSD code, the bank customers can check their bank balance and as well get their account number.

Code To Check Fidelity Bank Balance

It is just a three-digit code that is very easy to remember.*770*0 # is on most Fidelity Bank customers’ lips.

  •  Dial: *770*0 # to check your Fidelity Bank balance.

To code have to be dialed from a mobile number that is linked to your Fidelity Bank account.

Code To Check Fidelity Bank Account Number

There is no direct to check your account number with the USSD code. But you can make use of the Fidelity Bank Mobile App in this regard. It is easy to use and free too.

Aside from checking account balance, several other things can be done with the USSD code.

With the code, the bank customers can recharge their phones directly or even recharge other people’s phones.

Also, with the same code, they can transfer money to another Fidelity Bank account or any other bank in the country.

How to Recharge your phone

For self-recharge, simply dial *770*Amount# e.g.  If you want to recharge N1000, dial *770*1000#

Hence, the fidelity Bank USSD code can also be used to recharge airtime for friends and families to do that, simply dial *770*Phone Number* Amount # e.g.  If you want to send N1000 from your phone simply dial *770*08112345678*1000# the amount will be deducted from your bank account.

How to Transfer Money with Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

To transfer money from your fidelity bank account, dial *770*Account Number*Amount# and follow the on-screen command to complete the transaction.

For example, you want to transfer N20,000 – dial *770*535763001*20,000#

The money is transferred and you receive an SMS informing you your transaction was successful.

What You Need to Know About Fidelity Bank Money Transfer Code

  • Firstly, the service is open to all fidelity bank account holders.
  • Secondly, to use the service, you must have a phone number registered with the bank.
  • In addition, this service is available to MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel subscribers.
  • Furthermore, the minimum fund transfer limit is N1,000 and the maximum is N200,000 Daily
  • Also, the daily bills payment limit is 20,000
  • Finally, the service is available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week


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