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How to Buy Airtime from Keystone Bank Account for Yourself & Others

This article explains How To Buy Airtime From Keystone Bank Account Via The Keystone Bank Airtime Recharge Code.

In August 2011, Keystone Bank issued a commercial banking license by CBN. It was the same day CBN revoked the Bank PHB license.

Keystone Bank limited was assumed the assets and liabilities of the now-defunct Bank PHB.

In March 2017, the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) announced that some investors had purchased keystone bank for 25 billion naira.

Since after the sales, the bank operation has improved drastically, and its bank services are now more effective. Among their banking services is mobile USSD banking.

With mobile USSD banking, Keystone bank customers can recharge their phones and family phones without any stress. And as well as perform other banking operations.

Code To Recharge Your Phone From Your Keystone Bank Account

Dial *7111*Amount # To recharge your mobile phone from your Keystone Bank account
Dial *7111* Amount *Phone Number # To recharge other mobile phones from your Keystone Bank account
Dial *7111* Amount  * Account Number # To transfer money to Keystone Bank or other banks from your Keystone Bank account
Dial *7111*1# To check your Keystone Bank account balance
Dial *7111*2 # Bills payment
Dial *7111# To register

To buy airtime using the Keystone Bank mobile airtime recharge code,

Dial *7111*Amount# to top-up your phone as shown in the table above.

  • For example: to recharge ₦700 – you will have to dial *7111*700#

Dial *7111*Amount * Mobile number # to top-up other mobile phones

  • For example: to recharge a friend’s phone with  ₦700 – you will have to dial *7111* 700* 080xxxxxx24 #

*7111# is the improved USSD code for Keystone Bank. It provides flexible and reliable access to quick and hassles free banking services on the go for all esteemed customers of Keystone bank.

Keystone Bank USSD code

How to Buy Data From Keystone Bank Account

With USSD recharge most also wish that they can buy data directly to the code too. But is it technically not possible. The best that can happen here is for the customer to recharge and then subscribe for any data bundle from their recharged airtime.

Features of Keystone Bank *7111#

  • To recharge your phone
  • To transfer funds
  • To pay bills
  • To manage your cards
  • To reset your PIN
  • To check your bank balance
  • To open an accountTo recharge family and friends’ phone
  • To make merchant payments


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