6 Online Business Mistakes To Avoid

Online Business Mistakes

This post highlights 6 Mistakes to Avoid if you must be successful in your online business.

On like most of the physical businesses, an online business is a kind of business that must be handled with full caution.

The reason is that it has its rules – which is dynamic. To succeed, you must be updated with the latest trends that come with it.

Every online business has its own “dos and don’ts”; they are what make them successful and keeps them running.

Any of the rules you don’t adhere-to is considered to be a “mistake” because it may impose a negative impact on the long run.

If these mistakes are avoided, then you are very close to succeeding in your online business.

Mistakes made in an Online Business

1. Poor research

Research is fundamental to the success of any business. It is from the research you can build a proper feasibility study to forecast how a successful business idea or project can be achieved.

A lot of people neglect research and dive into any online business they presume is lucrative. And in the end, most of them end up failing in the long run.

2. Choosing money over success

Always make success your number one priority when venturing into any online business. Once there is a success, then money will be made.

If you choose “money” over “success,” you might end up very disappointed and give up. And if the online business does not yield as much income as you expected in the short term. There is a very high tendency of abandonment.

3. Lack of Interest and passion

Most people want to become a news or entertainment blogger just because of the fame and affluence of some entertainment bloggers such as; Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze, Stella Dimoko, and so on, without having a passion for it.

Compare a person who has no interest in the news but owns a news blog with someone who loves sports and owns a sports blog; who is more likely to succeed?

4. Not knowing your target audience

Knowing your target audience is essential before venturing into any online business.  Most people who venture into online businesses do not even know who their target audience is.

Most of the bloggers we see around today, don’t even know who and who they expect to read their blog.

Most online stores do not know the specific people they want to sell to; likewise, some forums don’t know who and who should contribute to their site.

It is when you know your target audience that a strategy can be developed and applied to achieve your goals and objectives.

5. Copy and paste

This is most common among bloggers; they copy each other’s content sometimes without proper reference, which is very bad for Search Engine Optimization.

If you are involved in or guilty of this, you will be ranked very poor on most search engines, especially on Google Search.

Try to make your post as unique as possible. If you must copy, try to make any changes.

You can use online plagiarism tests such as CopyscapeQuetext, or Seopadi to check the originality of your content before posting.

6. Not building a mobile-friendly website or blog

Reports have shown that about 80% of Nigerians browse the web with mobile phones. Even when they have a laptop, most still prefer to make use of their phone to browse the web.

Also, web developers now insist on building mainly responsive web design; this is because they will like their design to be competitive and look attractive on mobile too.

It will be a huge mistake, not making your website mobile-friendly, this will discourage people from visiting your site.


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