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Free Courier Management System Script in PHP

This Courier Management Script is a simple web application that was developed in PHP and MySQLi databases. The codes are easy to understand, the project will help a courier company to manage their customers’ parcels, shipment, and packages details.

The courier shipment script helps to store all the branches or the company that can be used when setting the destination where the recipient will pick up their shipment or parcels.

In this courier management script, there is a tracking feature that can be used to monitor the movement of every customer’s parcel/shipment.

There are different types of users on this script; the Administrator, the User, and the Branch Staff user.

The admin can totally manage all the data and information in the script, this includes managing the branches and branches staff user.

The Branch user is allowed to only track a shipment and manage the list of shipments where the origin or the destination of a shipment under the logged-in staff branch.

The couriered items have multiple statuses which are the “Item Accepted by Courier”, “Arrived At Destination”, “Collected”, “Shipped”, “In-Transit”, “Out for Delivery”, “Picked-up”, “Ready to Pickup”, “Delivered”, and “Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt”.

These statuses help to determine the destination and movement of the shipment. The courier shipment script also helps generate reports between two dates and selected status. The couriered items of the clients can be set into “Pickup” and “Deliver”.

The shipments that are marked as “Deliver” are the items that are to be delivered directly to the receiver while the “Pickup” will be delivered to the company’s branch near to the receiver address.

The courier system staff or admin user can save or add multiple items at the same time but these items will be saved in the database separately, each shipment package has a different tracking number or reference number

For example, if a client has 3 boxes of the shipment packages to be shipped to the same receiver/recipient, the courier system user can submit the shipment registration to the script at once but will be saved separately so that the script will generate a unique reference code in each item so that they can track each shipment.

Features Courier Management Script

Project Name: Courier Management
Software Type: Web-Based Application
Web Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, CSS.
Database Type: MySQL Database
File Type: Zip File
File Size: 61MB
Zipped File Size: 16.0MB
Test Condition: Tested on both local servers of live server using cPanel.
PHP Version: PHP
Software Purpose: For management of cargo and shipment. Best for a logistics company.

The Admin End

Login Page: This is the page where the admin submits their system credentials to access the admin dashboard of the system.

Home Page: On this page, the admin is being redirected to a default location after logging into the system. The page displays the summary of the information on the courier management system.

New Branch Page: This page is where the admin will submit the information of the new branch of the courier management company.

List of Branches Page: On this page, all the branches of the courier management company are listed and appropriately managed.

New Branch Staff Page: This is the page where the admin can create a new user for the branch of the company.

Branch Staff List Page: Here all of the staff of the company in all branches are managed.

Both Users

The New Parcel Page: A page where can courier management script users can submit the information of the parcel which includes the sender and recipient details.

The Parcel List Page: The page where the parcels are listed and properly managed.

The Parcel View Modal: The page where the details of the parcel are displayed.

The Track Parcel Page: On this page, the movement of the client’s parcels or packages are shown.

The Report Page: where there is a printable list of all the transactions of the courier company as well as the list of the clients.

The Courier Management System was developed using HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery/Ajax), MySQL database, and Bootstrap for the  User interface.

The source code is fully functional with all the listed and many more, it is also very easy to modify to the user’s choice just will very little programming knowledge.

How to install the Courier Management System Script

  • Download and Install a local server on your computers such as XAMPP or WAMP.
  • Download the Courier Management System Script, the download will be in a zip file format provided source code zip file. The download link will be found below.
  • Open your local server Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL on your computer.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file, to do this you must have zip extractor software on your computer. If you don’t have any zip extractor you may want to read this post List of Best Free Zip Programs Extractor Software, to choose to best to download for free.
  • For XAMPP users, copy the extracted folder and paste it into “htdocs” directory in XAMPP’s. For WAMP users, copy and paste the extracted source code directory into the “www” directory.
  • Use your browser to locate the phpMyAdmin. i.e. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  • On the phpMyAdmin create a new database and name it cms_db.
  • Next import the provided database SQL file. The file name is cms_db you will find it inside the database folder of the script you extracted.
  • Browse the courier management script in any browser. i.e. http://localhost/courier-management-system.

Courier Management System Script Login Details

Default Admin Login

Download Courier Management System Script

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